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Retail & Consumer Goods 28.03.2022

Omnichannel drives e-commerce sales to new levels

Global e-commerce sales are expected to rise from USD 4.5 trillion to USD 7.5 trillion by 2026, as revealed ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 11.02.2021

How the Covid 19 pandemic changed e-commerce

There are few that are emerging as winners from the Corona pandemic. One is online retail. But how has ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 04.11.2020

Survey on the subject of buying behavior: What Germans pay attention to

The Dutch payment service provider Adyen asked customers about their purchasing behavior. The results ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 03.10.2020

Highly precautionary: Hannover Messe to be postponed

In response to the steady spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus), more and more trade fairs and major events ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 06.08.2020

Social Distancing: Traffic light systems on the shopping mile

Social Distancing requires that the safety distance in public life must be maintained. This requires ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 19.03.2019

Alibaba has been launched in Germany

Although more B2B than B2C platform for e-commerce, Alibaba itself is slowly teaching Amazon to fear. ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 14.03.2019

Honor View 20: The Notch Trend is Over

Once again, the Chinese manufacturer Honor has changed the rules of the smartphone industry with its ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 06.03.2019


Many smokers started as teenagers and probably found it particularly cool to puff secretly in the bushes. ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 27.02.2019

Have you ever bought food on the Internet? This is how Germans shop!

The trends in e-commerce are moving more and more in one direction. Shopping in the city centre or would ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 14.02.2019

Retail: The three most important trends in 2019

The consumer goods industry is still in a phase of considerable upheaval, and the pace of change shows ... »

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