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Digitalization also does not stop at the healthcare system. This is what health looks like in the digital age. Here you will find guides, expert opinions and success stories on the topic.
Life Sciences & Health Care 25.11.2020

Study: Fitness wristbands could detect COVID-19 hotspots

Fitness wristbands have established themselves. Measuring your heart rate, the number of steps and kilometres ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 16.07.2020

#EUvsVirus Hackathon – Holograms in the fight against Covid19

The #EUvsVirus hackathon is on everyone's lips. Amongst the winners is the HoloCare Covid-19 initiative. ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 28.05.2020

Healthcare industry: The big winner of the crisis?

Shares have plummeted by 30 percent in Germany in recent weeks. However, there is also a counter-trend ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 25.02.2019


The digital revolution is not stopping at the healthcare sector either. IOT and Big-Data offer enormous ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 27.01.2019

Things to know about Digital Health and E-Health

Opportunities are accompanied by challenges, and while many digital health technologies and applications ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 03.01.2019

Radiation Protection in 2019 includes protection against radon at the workplace

So far the radon value has only been measured at certain workplaces with known high radon exposure. From ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 24.01.2018

These two industries will fundamentally change in 2018

There is no doubt that data will sooner or later play a key role for business processes and business ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 17.11.2017

How to digitize the chemical industry – 5 strategic questions for CEOs

Technology can make a huge difference in the chemical industry. The challenge for CEOs is to find out ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 15.09.2017

This 3D printer will change health care forever

The Mayo Clinic printed a 3D model of a girl's pelvis, which shows her bladder, veins, blood vessels, ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 09.08.2017

How to fill the surgical quality gap

For diagnosing and treating the surgical quality gap a video-based assessment will be necessary. Numerous ... »

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