#EUvsVirus Hackathon – Holograms in the fight against Covid19

The #EUvsVirus hackathon is on everyone’s lips. Amongst the winners is the HoloCare Covid-19 initiative. Their mixed-reality solution convinced the jury with a holographic visualization technology for the healthcare sector.

Sopra Steria and the University Hospital of Oslo joined forces for the HoloCare Covid-19 initiative and won the Hackathon in the category “Efficient Remote Work”. The solution facilitates remote meetings between medical professionals. It also enables virtual remote diagnosis of patients who are in quarantine. Joint venture HoloCares applications were adapted for the Hackathon. The HoloCare Covid-19 initiative was developed on the basis of the Unity-3D platform.

Holograms against Isolation 

With their program holograms can be made from conventional CT and MRT images. This way, damaged organs can be visualized, which helps in planning meetings between doctors and avoids meetings in person. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination in hospitals.

In addition, holograms of doctors can be created in the future. This will enable them to virtually visit quarantine patients and reduce psychological distress caused by isolation.

There is a great need for remote solutions to reduce the number of infections. Procedures must be kept running during a pandemic.

That is where HoloCare comes in to help the healthcare sector in the fight against Covid-19 with holograms.

#EUvsVirus Hackathon drives innovation in times of crisis

“The great challenge of this new age for work in general and medical work in particular is to create closeness from a distance and to make vital and life-saving work under hazardous conditions possible. The HoloCare team is contributing to this by further developing its mixed reality solutions,” says Urs M. Krämer, CEO of Sopra Steria Germany. “The many creative solutions that have been developed in such a short time during the #EUvsVirus Hackathon also show how much innovative power and digital excellence there is in Europe to master society’s challenges”.  

The #EUvsVirus Hackathon project was launched by the EU Commission to promote research and encourage innovation in the fight against the pandemic.  A total of 2100 projects from 20 000 participants were submitted between 24 and 26 April.

Image Source: HoloCare