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IT & Tech 10.12.2020

These Factors will shape the IT Industry in 2021

The market research institute International Data Corporation (IDC) has issued its forecasts for the IT ... »

Digital Business & Future 06.12.2020

NINE brackets becomes official partner of Actindo

The two Munich-based companies NINE brackets and Actindo have entered into a partnership. The aim of ... »

Digital Business & Future 03.12.2020

How digitization saves climate change

A study by Bitkom shows that almost half of the climate targets can be achieved by 2030 through digitisation. ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 25.11.2020

Study: Fitness wristbands could detect COVID-19 hotspots

Fitness wristbands have established themselves. Measuring your heart rate, the number of steps and kilometres ... »

Engineering & Industry 18.11.2020

What’s behind the super battery for e-cars?

A cooperation between the German Frauenhofer Institutes and The Netherlands Organisation has produced ... »

Digital Business & Future 13.11.2020

Where artificial intelligence surpasses human beings

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has developed an AI that can convert spoken words into speech ... »