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IT & Tech 17.05.2023

Blocky for Veeam® – your last line of defense against ransomware

Backups with Veeam are deemed the best bastion against ransomware. But once the line is breached, only ... »

Engineering & Industry 05.05.2023

“Made in Germany” and the willingness to innovate in Germany

There is still a great willingness to innovate in many areas in Germany, especially in science and technology. ... »

IT & Tech 30.11.2022

The way AI is revolutionizing video translation

Videos are getting increased importance in digital communication. But translating content into other ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 22.09.2022

How companies successfully master the challenges of the new world of work

Attracting and retaining qualified employees over the long term is a major challenge for any company ... »

IT & Tech 02.05.2022

ISG Launches Awards Program for Women in Digital Key Positions

Women are significantly underrepresented in the digital industry. To change that, there are various initiatives. ... »

IT & Tech 26.04.2022

Bitkom: Smart Cities are more attractive

The digitization of cities and communes increases the attractiveness of shopping locally and also makes ... »