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Corporate & Finance 18.08.2021

Reform of the NetzDG – What will change?

Hardly any law in recent years has caused as much turmoil in the Internet community as the Network Enforcement ... »

Corporate & Finance 18.05.2021

The blockchain & financial markets: a big opportunity?

What opportunities does the use of blockchain technology offer the financial industry? One thing is clear: ... »

Corporate & Finance 31.03.2021

Blockchain, crypto & co.: What does the digital future hold?

Cryptocurrencies are more in demand than ever. Crypto exchanges are booming. When it comes to currencies, ... »

Corporate & Finance 29.03.2021

Agility and flexibility – How to achieve a new corporate structure

Agile working and management are a complete departure from existing hierarchies, but can quickly pay ... »

Corporate & Finance 15.10.2020

Digital Wild West: New rules for digital currencies

So far, there is no clear policy line for digital currencies. The EU Commission does not want to exclude ... »

Corporate & Finance 27.08.2020

Consumer climate is on the rise

The Germans are gradually venturing back to their usual consumer behavior. Economic expectations are ... »

Corporate & Finance 27.07.2020

A superlative performance: The new business smartphone – OnePlus 8

High-performance, future-proof and ready for business - behind all these criteria the OnePlus 8 smartphone ... »

Corporate & Finance 09.06.2020

Security at the next level: How banks protect their applications

When it comes to bank security, the cloud strategy is decisive in the war. In this article, you will ... »

Corporate & Finance 25.05.2020


Many small and medium-sized enterprises are on the brink of extinction and the European internal market ... »

Corporate & Finance 02.07.2019

3 tips: How to invest your money most effectively

Gold, stocks, overnight money: There are many ways to invest money. But which aspects should be considered? ... »

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