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Uncategorized 09.06.2021

These Tips will make the Mobile Work Culture a Success

Corona, or the lockdown that resulted from it, has caused many employees to move to home offices. Programmes ... »

Digital Business & Future 09.06.2021

Innovations in Identity & Access Management – Okta introduces new solutions for enterprise security

Many enterprises are encountering digital transformation challenges in the areas of security, customer ... »

Uncategorized 09.06.2021

Survey shows: Majority of consumers concerned about the future of the retail sector

The digital association Bitkom has published the results of a representative survey in which 1,055 internet ... »

IT & Tech 14.05.2021

Lack of women in IT – ways to increase diversity

Women are still heavily underrepresented in the IT industry, which is already evident in the training. ... »

Digital Business & Future 22.04.2021

Flat Hierarchies do not mean that everyone is equal

Being flexible and promoting innovation often works better with flat hierarchies in the company than ... »

Digital Business & Future 16.04.2021

Successful and productive in home office: Here’s how!

The home office has become the normal state for many employees. With these tips, we'll show you why the ... »

Digital Business & Future 31.03.2021

Virtual Events: Inspire customers in 3D worlds

At 3D virtual events, attendees are free to move, talk, and share. This experience brings higher participation ... »

Digital Business & Future 30.03.2021

What happens after the system crash? How companies manage the reboot

In a year of crisis, many companies demonstrated surprisingly agile innovation capabilities. Now, however, ... »

Digital Business & Future 10.03.2021

Boom around Clubhouse – Is the social listening app also interesting for the HR sector?

What is the reason for the boom of the social listening app Clubhouse?¬†And is it also interesting for ... »

Digital Business & Future 17.02.2021

ISG Provider Lens: Hyperscale providers benefit from the corona crisis

According to the latest ISG study, the major hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google are benefiting ... »

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