Life Sciences & Health Care 16.07.2020

#EUvsVirus Hackathon – Holograms in the fight against Covid19

The #EUvsVirus hackathon is on everyone's lips. Amongst the winners is the HoloCare Covid-19 initiative. ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 28.05.2020

Healthcare industry: The big winner of the crisis?

Shares have plummeted by 30 percent in Germany in recent weeks. However, there is also a counter-trend ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 25.02.2019


The digital revolution is not stopping at the healthcare sector either. IOT and Big-Data offer enormous ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 24.01.2018

These two industries will fundamentally change in 2018

There is no doubt that data will sooner or later play a key role for business processes and business ... »

Digital Business & Future 10.08.2017

4 Use Cases: This is how you use Beacons in your industry

The digital and the real world intertwine - this is one of the most recent topics of customer communication. ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 03.07.2017

Rural Resident? This wearable allows immediate emergency calls

For the elderly a small walk or shopping trip can become a real challenge - especially when you live ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 07.06.2017

Artificial pancreas: New hope for diabetics?

Diabetes severely restricts the lives of those affected. However, new results could lead to a breakthrough ... »

Engineering & Industry 10.04.2017

Microsoft Office 365 protects the sensitive data of InnoWi

How can sensitive data be accessible for every member of a company without offending the security level? ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 20.03.2017

Innovations in health care: A panel discussion

In an interesting panel discussion innovators talked about the importance of innovations in health care. ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 02.02.2017

Big data as a weapon against cancer?

Diagnosis: cancer. About 500.000 people receive this diagnose every year in Germany, and the disease ... »