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Innovations in health care: A panel discussion

In an interesting panel discussion innovators talked about the importance of innovations in health care. They discussed the disruptions and how they can be fixed.

The discussion was hosted by Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway and dealed with an innovative health care system. The discussion was held by three different kind of persons: Pua Cooper, CIO of the Boca Raton Hospital, Dr. Elana M. Oberstein, rheumatologist from Modernizing Medicine, and Max Cacchione, founder and CEO of Thus there were three completly different prospects.


Disruption occurs when gaps exist. According to Cacchione organisations always look for gaps and overlooked niches. His website turned out to be a very innovative concept: It solved a big problem for nursing students and hospitals, because it replaces manual means such as fax, email, and paper. Therefore the whole process is simplified.

According to Cooper, there are many patients that want to present their medical history in an understandable way, but they simply didn’t have the means to do so. Actually there are doctors using an online system, but it isn’t integrated with any of the other practices with which the patient engages.

To solve the problem and to quicken the working process the Roca Regional Team tried a new technology: Instead of normal digital cameras they used iPhones to take pictures of injuries. The findings are immediately visible and so the doctos save much time.


To solve these problemes Cooper thinks socializing ideas in the workplace are the key. It’s important to understand that not everyone embraces change at the same pace. That is why collaborations are crucial.

Cacchione emphasizes this with a great example: “A client at a healthcare entity was charged with regularly processing 50,000 documents – that was in addition to completing her duties as a nurse. The workload was impossible. That scenario gave way to innovation. The nurse brought up the pain point and her team collaborated to find a resolution.”


Innovation starts at the top and continues through the ranks. According to Cacchione innovation starts with an executive vision and continues with hiring followers. Therefore it is really important to hire persons that believe in the vision and are openminded for new ideas.

Oberstein reccomends to get patients involved, so they will use a patient portal. He said: “To improve workflow at the front desk, urge them to populate information online before they arrive at a doctor’s office.”

Recognize that elderly and infirmed or chronically ill patients may be unable to use portals. To solve this problem, the industry has created scribes who follow doctors to capture documentation and ambassadors to help patients use in-office portals and kiosks.

This article is based on a news from the Citrix Blog

Image source: Evernine via iStock