Digital Business & Future 20.01.2022

Survey shows: Majority of consumers concerned about the future of the retail sector

The digital association Bitkom has published the results of a representative survey in which 1,055 internet ... »

IT & Tech 14.05.2021

Lack of women in IT – ways to increase diversity

Women are still heavily underrepresented in the IT industry, which is already evident in the training. ... »

Digital Business & Future 31.03.2021

Virtual Events: Inspire customers in 3D worlds

At 3D virtual events, attendees are free to move, talk, and share. This experience brings higher participation ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 08.08.2017

Healthcare needs a digital rethinking – next stop ‘value-based care’

Most hospitals and clinics have recognized the opportunity to invest in big data. They are collecting ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 03.07.2017

Rural Resident? This wearable allows immediate emergency calls

For the elderly a small walk or shopping trip can become a real challenge - especially when you live ... »

IT & Tech 30.06.2017

Tank & Rast and SAP intensify their cooperation

Autobahn Tank & Rast and SAP now collaborate even more intensive: In the future, the longtime innovation ... »

Engineering & Industry 29.06.2017

Highway to automation: This is Google’s self-driving Truck

The hype around self-driving vehicles is getting bigger and bigger – particularly because of promising ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 29.06.2017

Will the FDA be the new digital pioneer?

Fitness trackers or apps may already be a crucial part of your everyday healthy-living-routine. But getting ... »

IT & Tech 28.06.2017

New ransomware spreads from Ukraine

Some time ago WannaCry attacks caused international attention. Now numerous reports are coming out on ... »

IT & Tech 28.06.2017

AI against cyber attacks – How Barracuda could become security leader

Cyberattacks are increasing dramatically in recent times. Companies must adapt their security standards ... »