IT & Tech 30.11.2022

The way AI is revolutionizing video translation

Videos are getting increased importance in digital communication. But translating content into other ... »

IT & Tech 02.05.2022

ISG Launches Awards Program for Women in Digital Key Positions

Women are significantly underrepresented in the digital industry. To change that, there are various initiatives. ... »

IT & Tech 26.04.2022

Bitkom: Smart Cities are more attractive

The digitization of cities and communes increases the attractiveness of shopping locally and also makes ... »

Digital Business & Future 20.01.2022

Survey shows: Majority of consumers concerned about the future of the retail sector

The digital association Bitkom has published the results of a representative survey in which 1,055 internet ... »

IT & Tech 14.05.2021

Lack of women in IT – ways to increase diversity

Women are still heavily underrepresented in the IT industry, which is already evident in the training. ... »

Digital Business & Future 31.03.2021

Virtual Events: Inspire customers in 3D worlds

At 3D virtual events, attendees are free to move, talk, and share. This experience brings higher participation ... »

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A digital workplace that works

Make the new digital workplace work for you. Digital transformation opens incredible opportunities. A ... »

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Unlocking the full potential of the digital workplace

Continuing to provide a positive employee experience in a distributed workforce has a different set of ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 08.08.2017

Healthcare needs a digital rethinking – next stop ‘value-based care’

Most hospitals and clinics have recognized the opportunity to invest in big data. They are collecting ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 03.07.2017

Rural Resident? This wearable allows immediate emergency calls

For the elderly a small walk or shopping trip can become a real challenge - especially when you live ... »