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Rural Resident? This wearable allows immediate emergency calls

For the elderly a small walk or shopping trip can become a real challenge – especially when you live isolated. Now there is a new suitable wearable that alerts the next contact person nearby at the push of a button.

Many old people like to work in the garden, take a small walk outside or even go to the supermarket by themselves. The danger of falling and injuring is however quite large with increasing age. Doro’s mobile telephones therefore help elderly people to live independently.


Now the market leader has launched its own Wearable: The Doro 3500. The device is compatible with almost all Doro mobile phones and can send an emergency call at any time. In addition, the Wearable allows to be tracked via GPS. This allows helpers to react immediately.

Calling help with an alarm trigger

In old age, already trivial activities, in which the mobile phone is not always within reach, can lead to unpredictable accidents.


In such situations the Bluetooth-enabled wristbands connect to a Doro smartphone or other compatible Doro devices and allow users to inquire about an emergency situation – even without a mobile phone.


The flat and fashionable trigger can be worn around the neck as well as the wrist and is available in different colors. Thanks to the IP67 certification, neither dust nor water penetrate the device housing. This makes it the ideal companion in everyday life – whether in the shower or during the forest walk on rainy days.

This is how the Doro Wearable works

Most of Doro’s mobile phones are equipped with an emergency call button that is subtly embedded on the back of the device. Already before the use of the telephone up to five numbers can be defined, which should be informed in case of emergency.


If an emergency call is activated on the telephone or the Doro 3500 wrist strap, a predefined and previously created SMS is sent to all telephone numbers in the list.

The phone then calls the first stored number. If this call remains unanswered for more than 25 seconds, the phone contacts the next number stored on the list. In this case, the hands-free function is activated automatically and allows users to concentrate solely on communication. If the user has a GPS-capable mobile phone such as the Doro 8031, helpers can also locate the exact location of the device owner in seconds.


However, the Doro 3500 personal alarm button is not only used to notify relatives in an emergency, but can also be connected directly to emergency call centers if necessary. This is done via the Doro Alarm Application (DAA), which allows smartphones and professional emergency call centers to be connected without any detours.


All important data for the emergency call are then exchanged with the aid organization via the Doro Secure IP protocol, in order to provide fast and targeted assistance in an emergency. The Doro Care business unit is developing security solutions especially for the older generation, providing the elderly and needy people with the help of digital home emergency call systems to help them deal with their everyday worries.


In Germany, for example, Doro Care cooperates with the aid organization Malteser. As part of the cooperation, Doro developed an exclusive Malteser edition of the Doro 8031 ​​mobile phone, which thanks to a direct connection to the emergency call center as well as uncomplicated and intuitive operation, promises instant help in emergencies and thus a reliable support in higher age. Malteser is thus the first provider of a smartphone with a secure connection to the emergency call center in Germany.

François Jacob, Regional Manager DACH and Eastern Europe at Doro, explains: “In developing our products, our focus is always on the special needs of the 65+ age group. It is important to us that we are able to provide people with a great value in their daily lives through the use of our appliances and at the same time to enable them to live an independent and secure life with our products.”


The Doro 3500 and Doro 8031 ​​are available at and at the selected specialist retailer. Doro Care products, which are secured by house emergency call centers, can be obtained through specialist retailers.

This post is based on a press release of Doro Care GmbH, June 2017

Source of title image: Doro Care GmbH