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4 Use Cases: This is how you use Beacons in your industry

The digital and the real world intertwine – this is one of the most recent topics of customer communication. A new solution from the Munich app developer ChallTell Solutions promises to be made for every branch-specific PainPoint. We get to the bottom of this matter and provide a whitepaper on location-based services  for free download.

Imagine you could send your customers personalized offers of your insurance directly to the smartphone. Or you enable your employees in logistics to always know what is currently in the inventory and where they find it. Perhaps you also want to save your trade fair visitors some time and stress and offer an app for indoor navigation in exhibition halls.


Does it all sound quite well? The Munich-based company ChallTell Solutions has issued a whitepaper, which explains extensive use cases for six industries, for example, and summarizes the technological background if necessary.


The exciting: All use cases are based on a basic solution, which ChallTell standardizes for customers and can customize as required – and this according to own data for every industry.

In 2017, the British airport Gatwick implemented a targeted indoor navigation system with around 2,000 beacons within a large-scale modernization project.
In 2017, the British airport Gatwick implemented a targeted indoor navigation system with around 2,000 beacons within a large-scale modernization project.

MyBusinessFuture summarizes some exciting use cases and offers the whitepaper for free download.


Basically, the Beacon technology is not new, but so far, no provider has offered a holistic approach in this field. The small energy-saving transmitters communicate with surrounding smartphones and thus send out notifications or can be used for accurate metering even without GPS reception. This creates new, creative possibilities for digital communication.

How you can use Beacons in your industry?
This free Whitepaper gives you some practical examples.


Four branch specific use cases with ChallTell Connect

1. IT & Tech


Companies in the IT and tech industries are often the front-runner of digitization. At trade fairs, they show the latest products and services from their field. At the same time, visitors can quickly lose sight of the news, so that the expensive measuring stand becomes a shopkeeper.


The event navigation app for the smartphone, developed by ChallTell and its partners, leads the way to the highlights of trade fairs and events, even if no GPS reception is available. The movement data of the users can also be used to gather indirect feedback and to make the next fair stand even more effective.

2. Finance


Personal and efficient customer care is becoming increasingly important, especially in the financial sector. Many banks now have smartphone apps, but these are often only a small image of the website. ChallTell Connect can extend this meaningfully.


For example, customers are recognized and registered via a Connect when entering a bank branch. If a specific appointment or an inquiry is made in advance, the consultant sees this information at a glance and can not only welcome the incoming customer by name, but can also provide further information for his inquiry.

3. Retail


While the online trade continues to boom, retailing has become increasingly difficult. To attract new customers into your own business, ChallTell Connect passers-by will be given a message, for example with special offers or exclusive goods, near the shop. Existing customers can also be rewarded with a shop app if they shop frequently at the store. There are virtually no limits to creativity.


4. Health


In the healthcare sector, technical equipment is usually equated with large investments. It is therefore even more important to use this high-quality equipment as efficiently as possible.


With the so-called asset tracking, ChallTell Connect offers an important technology to monitor the location of the used stocks at any time.

ChallTell Connect enables physician’s asset tracking. (Image: sanjeri / iStock)
ChallTell Connect enables physician’s asset tracking. (Image: sanjeri / iStock)

By the way, the solution can also be installed completely on-premise, so that all data is stored locally and anonymously. You are safe from hacker attacks.


“Especially in the health care industry, we notice that there is a willingness for networked services, but very few application areas can be imagined or have your concerns when it comes to the digitization of confidential information such as patient data. Here, we can provide Connect with a customized solution, which can be stored and retrieved locally in a hospital, “says Daniel Zittlau, CEO of ChallTell Solutions, discussing the new Whitepaper with MyBusinessFuture.

Further scenarios and technical details in the Whitepaper of the ChallTell Connect

The four use cases show only a small part of how innovative ChallTell Connect can be used in digital communication. The holistic approach of technology offers a lot more room for design, which is explained in the free Whitepaper. Here you can download the Whitepaper for free.

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