Uncategorized 21.03.2019

Mobile payment services finally within reach

Whether in the supermarket or at the gas station. Germans still hardly use the option of convenient and ... »

Digital Business & Future 23.06.2017

How digital rosters support your business

Creating a working schedule is a time-consuming task for many managers and employees. New software like ... »

IT & Tech 06.04.2017

Proofpoint study: Email-attacks on CEOs are increasing strongly

Proofpoint, Inc., one of the world's foremost Next-Generation Cybersecurity companies, has launched a ... »

IT & Tech 15.03.2017

Artificial Intelligence: Impacts of self-learning systems

Many people are worried about the rapid improvement of artificial intelligence. They are afraid that ... »

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Cloud capability and real-time analysis of all processes in a company are becoming increasingly important ... »

IT & Tech 10.02.2017

Missing security can be very expensive

The number and variety of cyber attacks has increased significantly and continues to grow. The new Cybersecurity ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 02.02.2017

Big data as a weapon against cancer?

Diagnosis: cancer. About 500.000 people receive this diagnose every year in Germany, and the disease ... »

Corporate & Finance 30.01.2017

Adidas’ production is back in Germany

"Adidas - made in Germany" will be written again soon on the products of the sports brand. The latest ... »

IT & Tech 20.01.2017

Why Google Home and Amazon Echo now reach the European market

While many companies are still busy with topics such as digitization and the Cloud, the next "big thing" ... »

IT & Tech 20.01.2017

Unbelievable! This arm is a remote control

Smartwatches are the trendgadgets right after smartphones and tablets. However, let's be serious for ... »