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June 23rd, 2017, Expert / Editor: PlandayJanina Widhammer

Creating a working schedule is a time-consuming task for many managers and employees. New software like Planday can help with this task and thus digitize the roster.

In order to create a roster, employees usually have to spend several days. Vacation times and failures have to be taken into account and compensated spontaneously. Planning is sometimes difficult and keeps employees from other important tasks. In order to simplify the process, companies now also use software and apps that help in the creation of the plan.


Planday offers such services. With the software, personnel deployment planning becomes much easier. Planday is Europe’s leading provider for workforce management solutions that enable companies to migrate paper and pencil work into a streamlined digital process.


Areas such as retail, fitness and gastronomy can benefit from this offer. Not long ago the METRO GROUP has therefore decided to enter into a partnership with Planday.

METRO GROUP and Planday become partners

With this partnership, METRO is expanding its commitment to the digital transformation of gastronomy through carefully selected holdings in companies with leading digital solutions.


“We want to provide our customers with the best digital solutions so they can make their business processes more efficient and successful”, explains Dr. Hansjörg Sage, Managing Director of METRO’s digital business unit. “With Planday, we are now able to offer our customers a first-class cloud-based system for staff deployment.”


Planday covers a service that has been lacking in the hospitality business so far: “It enables managers and employees to work seamlessly together and communicate in order to create optimal operational plans and improve the cost situation of METRO customers”, emphasizes Dr. Patrick Flesner, Director of the METRO investment company.

What’s hot?

    The main goal of apps like Planday is to replace old processes and cumbersome applications with new, innovative solutions. For Christian Brøndum, Managing Director of Planday, the success of a company also depends on an optimal shift plan.


    Planday also enables executives to create a working schedule that automatically takes vacation and availability into account. Employees can communicate with each other in this way simply and easily and, if necessary, exchange shifts.


    This saves management executives time and effort and allows them to focus more on their customers and the growth of their business.

    Benefits of digital rosters

    The advantage of such applications for the office is obvious: In addition to the time savings, the data can be used on all mobile devices thanks to the cloud-based app. This means that the staff can always look up all the information and changes.


    In addition, they have the advantage that far fewer errors come up than in handwritten plans of the personnel department.


    “For companies this means that they are always sufficiently occupied at working hours, while overloading is avoided at low capacity, thus avoiding unnecessary costs”, says Brøndum.

    Digitization in different businesses

    In addition to gastronomy, applications such as Planday are also interesting for many other industries. As already mentioned, this includes retail and fitness areas as well as health care.


    By using a digital service plan, managing directors can not only provide their employees with a better overview, but also have a significantly higher degree of planning security.


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