Unbelievable! This arm is a remote control

  • January 20th, 2017

Smartwatches are the trendgadgets right after smartphones and tablets. However, let’s be serious for one second – how are you supposed to control those tiny screens? This new wearable knows the answer and puts a screen on your arm – literally!

Small displays and barely any functions – Smartwatches are absolutely in demand, even though they can hardly be used.

However, with this new technology, smart wristwatches suddenly become a multifarious toy. SkinTrack allows your arm to become a touchpad.

A small ring will control any movement.

This new technology might ensure a more user-friendly and more comfortable operation on any Smartwatch and almost without additional technology.

This is made possible by high-frequency electronic signals flowing between the Smartwatch strap and a ring worn on the right hand. The bracelet can than interpret and translate the signals transmitted by the ring.

Source Video: SkinTrack via Youtube

Source Titelbild: Evernine
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