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March 21nd  2019, Author / Editor: MBF

Whether in the supermarket or at the gas station. Germans still hardly use the option of convenient and simple mobile payment. Industry experts doubt the willingness to pay with mobile payment services compared to the loved cash.


With a new study on the subject of online payment services, the Internet association Eco points out the doubts of Germans about the technological lead. Although a large number of mobile payment services are now available and convenient in Germany, only a small minority still pay for purchases and other things with their smartphones.


Study shows surprising numbers

A study conducted for HORIZONT Online by the market and opinion research institute Civey on behalf of the Eco Association shows that only 5.5 percent of German citizens continue to pay for their purchases at measurable intervals with their own smartphone or Smartwatch.


The analyses also show that approximately 87 percent of Germans have never paid with a mobile device. After all, around 7 percent have already tested it once.


The beginning of mobile payment in Germany was made by Google Pay, followed by Apple Pay, which can be found in Germany since the end of 2018, but only in the interaction of Kedit or debit card.


The savings banks also plan to introduce an interface between the customer current account and the iPhone in 2019. The mobile payment service Apple Pay is intended to support this in order to guarantee the modern payment transactions of the savings banks to customers and to enable a secure payment procedure.

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“The stationary trade must consistently follow the path of digitisation in order to be able to compete with online trade – this also includes providing customers with a new user experience with the introduction of mobile payment,” Bettina Horster, head of the Internet of Things competence group in the Eco Association, told HORIZONT.

The beginnings are thus done, but in Germany is certainly still in its infancy and needs more openness in society.

This article is based on a contribution by HORIZONT

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