Adidas’ production is back in Germany

January 30th 2017, Editor: Sandra Benz

“Adidas – made in Germany” will be written again soon on the products of the sports brand. The latest high-tech technologies make it possible! 

With robots and 3D printers, Adidas wants to bring back some of the production to Germany this summer. The high-tech equipment allows the sports-manufacturer to produce inexpensively in Germany again. Adidas could be the model for a whole industry with the so-called “Speedfactory”.

Western production is worth it again


The previous production in China, Indonesia and Vietnam is worth less for companies. This is due above all to the rising income and the declining willingness to undertake bone jobs for factories. The development and production of sports shoes with designers in Germany and factories in China, including all routes, has lasted up to 18 months. With the Speedfactory, the time from the finished design to sales in the shops can be reduced to less than a week.

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Speedfactory creates new jobs


In summer of 2017, Adidas will open the first Speedfactory in Ansbach. In the factory, not only robots will be used, but also 160 human jobs are created. Above all, highly qualified workers are required for the final inspection and maintenance of the equipment.


Other manufacturers in the industry are also already testing the high-tech production methods and want to reclaim parts of the production to their company location.


Picture source: YouTube / adidasGroup