Digital Business & Future 20.01.2022

Survey shows: Majority of consumers concerned about the future of the retail sector

The digital association Bitkom has published the results of a representative survey in which 1,055 internet ... »

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These Tips will make the Mobile Work Culture a Success

Corona, or the lockdown that resulted from it, has caused many employees to move to home offices. Programmes ... »

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What happens after the system crash? How companies manage the reboot

In a year of crisis, many companies demonstrated surprisingly agile innovation capabilities. Now, however, ... »

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Boom around Clubhouse – Is the social listening app also interesting for the HR sector?

What is the reason for the boom of the social listening app Clubhouse? And is it also interesting for ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 25.11.2020

Study: Fitness wristbands could detect COVID-19 hotspots

Fitness wristbands have established themselves. Measuring your heart rate, the number of steps and kilometres ... »

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In the Corona crisis, entrepreneurs are faced with a whole range of important issues: from the health ... »