mobile Arbeitskultur / mobile work culture

These Tips will make the Mobile Work Culture a Success

Corona, or the lockdown that resulted from it, has caused many employees to move to home offices. Programmes like Microsoft Teams and Zoom or general New Work measures are becoming more and more popular. In this article, you will find out how exactly this topic works and how you can use New Work strategies efficiently for the mobile work culture.

When introducing new programmes, it takes more than just an activation. It is important to hire external consultants or to offer workshops. This makes it easier for employees to work with new technologies. Furthermore, this increases the acceptance of such measures.

How the Introduction of new Programmes works properly

Basically, it is important to develop a guideline. These should deal with the W-questions. For example, questions could be: How do we interact? When should I use this tool and how do I use it properly?

In general, clear and transparent communication is important in this context.

When introducing new programmes, guidelines and transparent communication are very relevant. (Source: iStock / mihailomilovanovic)

Virtual meetings also create other challenges. For example, employees need more discipline because they now have to gather the information themselves. Furthermore, meeting owners take on the role of moderators. Whereas in physical meetings, the conversation simply takes its course, in a virtual meeting, you have to guide the conversation. The share of speech should be balanced and reticent employees must be actively addressed.

Setting the right Impulses

In order to implement a mobile work culture efficiently, 4 tips are listed below to help.

  1. Revise your concept of presence. In times of Corona, moving into a home office eliminates the classic hallway conversations. Ask yourself how you can also create trust and closeness via your communication platforms.
  2. Challenge your managers. They now have the task of leading a team that operates mostly or even completely remotely. Show them how they can find the courage to face this challenge as well.
  3. Find the right employees. Nothing works without motivation. For this reason, it is important to have intrinsically motivated personalities in the company who are open for changes and actively initiate them. The common goal should not be lost sight of.
  4. Accept mistakes. No master has ever fallen from the sky. Especially with such changes, mistakes are to be expected. Integrate an open approach to these issues into your culture. Also act as a tutor. This is the only way to avoid future mistakes and achieve progress.

No matter what stage of development your company is at, innovation and progress is always linked to change. With these tips, you will succeed.

Source Cover Image: iStock / South_agency