Engineering & Industry 26.04.2018

Mercedes-Benz focuses on digitalization of sales

Along with the launch of the new A-class Mercedes introduces two more innovations in terms of digitalization: ... »

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How Qualcomm is improving the era of Connected Cars

The US chip manufacturer Qualcomm has already more than 32 partnerships in the automotive sector. At ... »

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Skype, Alexa & Co. – this awesome new BMW is fully digitalized

Representatives of the international press as well as some bloggers could get a picture of the latest ... »

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How Bosch wants to rival Intel / Mobileye

Bosch is the world's biggest producer of automotive components and invests a lot into developing video ... »

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Tesla is working on battery-operated houses in LA

Battery operated houses? Yes, that's possible! Tesla is showing how one can supply 15,000 houses with ... »

Engineering & Industry 21.05.2016

Goodbye Gas Station – Electric Drive conquers Sweden

Energy and automotive will be 100% combined in the future. In Sweden, there maybe will be soon only electric ... »

Engineering & Industry 21.05.2016

Soon to come: Autonomous cars in Germany

Self-driving cars are still up in the air? Quite the contrary, in the upcoming years the auto pilots ... »