Mercedes-Benz focuses on digitalization of sales

26.04.2018,  author / editorial team: ChallTell Solutions / Lenz Nölkel

Along with the launch of the new A-class Mercedes introduces two more innovations in terms of digitalization: the 3D Augmented Reality App Mercedes cAR and the Virtual Reality Set with data glasses. These technological devises offer the customers the possibility to create their dream car via the app or in store and to explore its design and function thanks to the three-dimentional display. Mercedes’ aim of this digital innovation is the progress of digitalization in sales and service, which should improve customer experience. 

Mercedes-Benz sets a small milestone with its digital innovations. Considering the fact that digitalization has not yet arrived in the sales department, Mercedes-Benz uses this to its advantage. The brand uses digital technologies like augmented and virtual reality to provide their customers with a comprehensive customer experience. “By this our point of sale becomes the point of experience and we offer a premium brand-experience in a completely new dimension” says Britta Seeger, board member of Daimler AG.

Mercedes cAR: Individual car configuration and experience

The new 3D Augmented Reality App Mercedes cAR allows customers and prospects to create their own dream car and to experience it via the app. Next to the classical configurations possibilities you can also place the car in an environment of your choice to explore all possibilities. Moreover, you can virtually drive the car in the mode which you desire and get a 360 degree look on the vehicle. Thanks to the high-definiton display, customers have access to the exterior and interior of the car and can check out every little detail in an interaktive way. if you decide to book a test drive, the app offers you to book one via the app with the nearest retailer.

The Virtually Reality Glasses for in-car-experience

The virtual world of Mercedes can be enjoyed by customers already in the showrooms in Bremen and Hamburg. Now this customer experience is extended to more selected locations. Via the “InCar Virtual Reality-Experience” the real vehicle is combined with the customer’s individual wishes. By that the customers can for example customize the interior of the car according to their wishes and experience how their new car would look like, even before the production has started.

Focussing on digitalization of sales

With these two innovations Mercedes-Benz expands the Digitalization in sales continuously in all areas. Digital means are not only used in customer experience, but customers can also communicate with Mercedes everywhere and anytime via app, website or directly from their car. Also, the website offers the “digital anticipation”, where you can track the progress of your new car. Moreover can customers buy new and used cars via Mercedes online store.

Despite all digital measures relies Mercedes still on their retailers. They emphasize that the personal customer contact is indispensable and elementary for the company. In general, Mercedes Benz’ aim is to combine the digital and analogous word efficiently and thus optimize sales and the customer experience.

This article is based on a press release by Mercedes-Benz.

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