The Empolis Information Management GmbH is one of the pioneers in Germany concerning themselves with artificial intelligence. They employ AI as the basis for their Empolis systems, which facilitate making decisions for companies.

True to their motto DECIDE.RIGHT.NOW, the Empolis systems analyse millions of data per millisecond, so their users can decide correctly or let a digital assistant help them with decisions. Depending on the context, they help customers to provide the right information at the right time for the right person on the right mobile devise.

To grant their customers a comprehensive and productive offer, Empolis makes a point of making their employees feel at home in their firm. The open door policy and the relaxed working environment contribute to the employees working more efficiently.

That Empolis employees are content, prove the over 200 employees at the four offices all over Germany. Along with the headquarters in Kaiserslautern, there are offices in Berlin, Bielefeld and Rimpar near Würzburg, so Empolis is available for their customers personally.


IT & Tech

> 200 employees

Headquarters Kaiserslautern, Germany

Contact Person


Christian Süßmilch is director at Empolis Information Management GmbH and your contact person.