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Teufel: Individual solutions for loudspeakers, home cinema and Co.

Great quality of products, individual solutions for every customer and professional customer service on the highest level – those are the reasons why loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel is one of the biggest leaders of the market. Read more about what other companies can learn from the speaker specialist.

Whether you are looking for new loudspeakers or rebuilding your entire home cinema: Teufel will surely provide you with excellent products and smart customer service. The manufacturer distinguishes itself from others, since Teufel does not only sell standardized products from the manufacturer, but also takes extra wishes into consideration and finds solutions for individual customer requirements. You can even order products via the telephone service that are not available in the online shop.

Individual solutions for every customer

“Our ultimate goal in product consulting is always the same: finding the optimal solution for every customer. Often, however, this also means developing individual offers”, explains Tim von Gimborn, General Manager for Customer Services. The team of specialists at the company headquarters in Berlin is willing to fulfill even unusual customer requirements. This can concern the composition of the products or even special color wishes.


The “best price” principle applies to all individual compositions. If individual components are exchanged in one pre-built set, the respective individual prices are charged. Thus, the price advantage is maintained against the purchase of individual components.

“In general, we can freely combine all the products that we have in individual packaging,” explains von Gimborn. “Often, however, we also have individual items or cheap B-goods. If a customer does not find what he is looking for on the website, he should always ask us – we will find a solution! ”


On request, Teufel offers a set-up and furnishing service for all home theater systems. At a reasonable fixed price, the home cinema specialists set up all the components, connect them, measure the system and provide detailed instruction.

Happy customers are the main goal

All members of the advisory team bring personal passion for the themes of music and home cinema. Regular and practical product trainings in the flagship store ensure that the consultants are always up-to-date.


“Many customers already have a product in mind when they call us, but they are unsure whether their choice is right. My colleagues from the service then help to find the best solution based on the requirements”, says von Gimborn.”For us it is more important that the customers are content, then earning more money. The large number of returning buyers confirms us in this approach.”

Use the telephone service for individual solutions

Teufel’s telephone service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm, on weekends from 9:30 am to 6 pm. On request, the consultants book an individual, free live consultation at the flagship store in Berlin.


The sound experts build up the systems the customer is interested in. The customers can then make a listening test – also with their own CDs. The technology in the screening rooms makes it possible to switch between various loudspeakers in the ongoing playback.

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