IT & Tech 26.04.2022

Bitkom: Smart Cities are more attractive

The digitization of cities and communes increases the attractiveness of shopping locally and also makes ... »

Corporate & Finance 02.07.2019

3 tips: How to invest your money most effectively

Gold, stocks, overnight money: There are many ways to invest money. But which aspects should be considered? ... »

IT & Tech 28.06.2017

New ransomware spreads from Ukraine

Some time ago WannaCry attacks caused international attention. Now numerous reports are coming out on ... »

Retail & Consumer Goods 13.06.2017

Teufel: Individual solutions for loudspeakers, home cinema and Co.

Great quality of products, individual solutions for every customer and professional customer service ... »

IT & Tech 15.03.2017

Artificial Intelligence: Impacts of self-learning systems

Many people are worried about the rapid improvement of artificial intelligence. They are afraid that ... »

Uncategorized 10.02.2017


Cloud capability and real-time analysis of all processes in a company are becoming increasingly important ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 03.02.2017

How the use of 3D scanners revolutionizes medicine

After the triumphant success of 3D printers, 3D scanners are now becoming popular in more and more branches. ... »

IT & Tech 19.10.2016

IBM Watson is now fluent in nine languages

With IBM Watson, it’s possible for computer systems to understand the spoken language. Watson has learned ... »

Life Sciences & Health Care 17.10.2016

Nobel prize in chemistry 2016

Three scientists got the nobel prize in chemistry this year for their machines made of molecules. They ... »