Chemie Nobelpreis 7 nobel prize chemistry

Nobel prize in chemistry 2016

Three scientists got the nobel prize in chemistry this year for their machines made of molecules. They pushed the chemistry into a new dimension.

The molecule-scientists Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa produced a midget elevator, artificial muscels and a tiny engine. During the process they produced molecules whose motions can be controlled. Therefore chemisty archieved a new dimension. This machines made of molecules could possibly lead to a technological revolution.

The scientist were able to revolutionise the chemistry with their machines made of molecules.

The three scientists were very surprised and felt honored and overwhelmed at their award. The price is eight million crones, that’s 830.000 euro. The medals will be lent on December 10th, 2016 in Stockholm.

Quelle Bilder: Ryan MCGuire via Gratisography