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No more need for doctors? Digital health transforms the US

For almost every health aspect, there is an app now. Nutrition, fitness and even illness diagnosis are possible with those apps. Can you save the doctor’s appointment soon?

Smartphones are more widespread than ever before, and the Internet is accessible from anywhere. This has significantly increased the use of all kinds of apps. Additionally, smartwatches that record the movements or measure all possible health parameters become more and more popular. Digital health is no longer a futuristic thing, but has arrived in our daily lives.

Mobile Health has become an attractive market segment and, according to industry experts, the users have around 100,000 different health apps available.

“Did you know: even health insurance companies give away wearables and offer customers bonuses for tracking their health records.”


Digital health has great potential and is therefore a growth area, especially in economic terms. These application areas can already be found today:

  • Health care
  • Therapies
  • Diagnose of illnesses

Cooperations between IT and pharmaceutical companies are already in full swing. Particularly interesting are technologies for early diagnosis. Most important requirement The technologies must be immediately understood and operable by the user.

Source of title image: Evernine GmbH