Innovations in Identity & Access Management – Okta introduces new solutions for enterprise security

Many enterprises are encountering digital transformation challenges in the areas of security, customer experience and application development. Leading independent identity platform Okta is helping organizations overcome these challenges by announcing an expansion of its Identity and Access Management Platform.

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Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), a leading independent identity solutions provider, is introducing a number of innovations as part of its Oktane21 virtual conference.

These include: Okta Privileged Access to improve security and agility of critical computing resources; Okta Identity Governance to modernize identity governance and administration; and enhancements to Okta Integration Network in the areas of risk and fraud, customer data orchestration, privacy and compliance, and software development lifecycle. New Okta Developer Edition Starter and Advanced offerings will also be unveiled. These enable developers to integrate Okta authentication, authorization and user management into their applications at scale.

Okta Privileged Access

Okta Privileged Access combines identity management with flexible least privilege access controls for critical infrastructure to increase development speed and operational agility, and improve zero-trust security at the deepest levels of enterprise technology environments.


Okta Privileged Access simplifies the complex management of highly sensitive access to hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure resources. Granular, user- and role-based security policies can be seamlessly applied from a centralized system to manage who can access what at the infrastructure layer. In addition, compliance results are consolidated into a centralized view by linking session logs to specific users. Okta Privileged Access is faster to deploy than alternative products and builds on the success of securing critical infrastructure with Okta Advanced Server Access.


Availability: Okta Privileged Access will be available in the Early Access Program in Q1 2022. For more information, visit and

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Okta Identity Governance

Okta Identity Governance is a powerful new Okta product that delivers a modern, cloud-first approach to identity governance and administration (IGA) and is used to solve complex user access and compliance challenges. The solution delivers self-service identity governance and administration for all users in the extended enterprise through a single layer of control. This makes it easy to meet stringent compliance requirements in hybrid and multi-cloud environments without compromising speed.


Okta Identity Governance leverages common workplace tools to promote self-service, simplifying the process of assessing and deciding who can access what resources and when. The result is increased productivity and higher adoption of governance strategies.


Availability: Okta Identity Governance will be available in the Early Access Program in Q1 2022. For more information, visit und

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Neues Customer Identity Risk Ecosystem und weitere Workflow-Integrationen

Okta announced the expansion of the Okta Integration Network in four key areas: Risk and Fraud, Customer Data Orchestration, Privacy and Compliance, and Software Development Lifecycle. These new integrations, address digital transformation challenges in the areas of security, customer experience, application development and privacy, and leverage Identity to solve highly complex digital transformation challenges – from securing transactions to digital onboarding.


Expanding the Okta Integration Network

The neutrality of the Okta Identity Cloud is underpinned by the Okta Integration Network, the comprehensive identity network with more than 7,000 integrations to the most popular cloud applications and tools. Starting immediately, the Okta Integration Network is made even more powerful with a series of new Okta Customer Identity Workflow connectors: pre-built integrations with Hubspot, Mixpanel, and SendGrid that address complex digital transformation use cases. These new connectors enable seamless integration and use of identities across a range of core customer experience tech stack technologies and are easily discoverable through the updated Okta Integration Catalog.


New Okta Risk Ecosystem APIs

Organizations need to cultivate customer trust while protecting themselves from attacks. With the new Okta Risk Ecosystem API, customers can leverage identity to incorporate and centralize external behavioral and transactional risk signals to identify permissible users and secure e-commerce experiences. New integrations with bot detection and web application firewall providers such as Signal Sciences, now part of Fastly, HUMAN, F5 Networks and PerimeterX leverage the new Risk Ecosystem API to link fraud risk signals to a specific user. The new integrations complement Okta’s existing partnerships with the goal of providing a holistic, 360-degree view of customer and security profiles.


Availability: The expanded Okta Integration Network for Customer Identity is available now at Okta Workflows for Customer Identity is also available today. The feature to incorporate external risk signals is now available in the Early Access Program and accessible via adaptive multi-factor authentication. For more information, visit

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New Okta Starter and Advanced Developer Editions for developers

Okta announced the new Okta Developer Edition Starter and Advanced offerings. These provide developers with the tools they need to incorporate Okta authentication, authorization and user management into their applications. The new Okta Starter Developer Edition is available now for free for up to 15,000 monthly active users. The offering covers multiple applications and includes access to the majority of Okta’s identity and access management products for customers – from adaptive multi-factor authentication to API access management.


Developers can now get started with Okta faster and address a broader range of identity use cases across the entire application development lifecycle. Developers also benefit from expanded documentation, sample apps, and new integrations to protect and manage access to microservices and APIs. New integrations include Heroku to automate identity across CI/CD pipelines, Kong to protect APIs, and an updated Okta Terraform provider to replicate Okta configuration across environments.


Availability: The new Okta Starter and Advanced Developer Editions are available now at For more information, visit

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