Video: Why you need this wireless hard drive

Hard drive, SSD or Cloud? Every day, store enormous amounts of data and are always looking for more comfortable solutions. Now Western Digital shows: Hard drives can be very portable and interact perfectly with the cloud.

Especially during the European Soccer Championship, people stream, take pictures and record videos like crazy. And some people who don’t want to miss their match despite work just take their laptops with them to the beer garden. But this might sound familiar: When working out and about, you never have all the data with you that you need, not to speak of the limited memory you have on mobile devices or notebooks.

Not just because of the EM, but because of the enormous amounts of data these days, WD presents with the MyPassport a very interesting wireless hard drive.

MyBusinessFuture was at the press event and had a close look at the new product for the business target group. We give an overview of MyPassport and show why a closer look at this product is worthwhile.

Wireless and portable

The core of WD MyPassport is, of course, the wireless transmission of data. Western Digital therefore provides the well-known MyCloud app. Users only have to dial in here and can instantly connect to the hard disk via a private WiFi network.

At the same time, the app also provides a direct link to the Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other popular web storage devices. The biggest advantage is that the MyPassport is just as big as a conventional CD and can be taken anywhere easily.

Silent and durable

Largest disturbing factor in hard disks: A loud, permanently running fan. With the MyPassport, WD has thought about that problem and therefore designed the product completely fanless. According to the manufacturer, the hard drive still remains well cooled, and that despite two terabytes of memory.
But the wireless hard drive can do even more. The integrated battery is not only used to operate the hard drive, but with a capacity of 6,400 mAh, it also keeps enough power as a powerbank for smartphones and tablets.

The battery running time during intensive processes such as video streaming is claimed to be about seven hours. Exciting advantage for groups: The MyPassport can connect with up to eight devices at the same time. In the meeting room or on holiday with the family, everyone can always access their desired data – whether it’s films, presentations or text documents.

In the video: The WD MyPassport Wireless Pro at a glance

WD MyPassport: Price and availability

The Western Digital MyPassport Wireless Pro is now available for 229 Euros (for 2TB). A version with three terabytes is sold for 269 Euros.

Source of title image: Evernine