This new hanger will save you from dirty business laundry

Panasonic has presented a new deodorizing hanger which keeps your business suit fresh and new. The clever gadget keeps garments fresh without the necessity of doing a lot of laundry.

You hate doing your laundry every week? Sure you do. And you are looking for a more convenient way to keep all your business suits gym-stench-free? Then this new invention from Panasonic is a really fantastic relief for you. The company from Japan has just released a new deodorizing hanger which allows you to skip laundry day. This means you can feel less guilty for not doing laundry every day.


This new deodorizing hanger is a fantastic gadget which destroys unpleasant odors which are always attached to your clothing after stressful days in the office. The great advantage of this new product: huge amounts of detergents or water are not needed any more. Busy managers who work out in a gym on a daily basis now can pick their gym outfits at the beginning of the week, deodorize them with this new Panasonic hanger after workout and at the end of the week, the result is a reduced amount of clothes covered with sweat.

A fantastic new gadget based on the Panasonic “nanoe” technology

So what is the secret behind the hanger’s hygienic abilities? The technology behind this new product is something which Panasonic calls “nanoe” technology. This expression refers to the usage of electrified microscopic water particles which circulate through your clothing and in doing so automatically refresh them.


But this new hanger not only helps you in getting rid of sweat in your clothes, it also tackles the stench of tobacco, grilled meat or other disgusting odors which you collect with your clothes throughout a busy week.

Two different modes for different kinds of stenches

The hanger itself is equipped with two possible operational modes, a normal mode and an intense mode. The normal mode gets rid of stenches within 5 hours – after this short time your clothes are completely deodorized. The intense mode takes around seven hours and is designed to extinguish odors which are more difficult to get rid of.


So if you now have acquired a taste for this new Panasonic product, good news for you: you only have to wait until September 1 to be able to buy it. For only $180. the fancy gadget is yours.

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Image source: Panasonic