This is why WTF belongs to business security

Even the refrigerators in the supermarket become smart and digital. IoT takes hold of itself, the cloud connects every electronics and creates daily analyzes. But what about security? Barracuda presents its IT security trends 2016.

Once a year, global IT makes a trip to the Alpes, more precisely to Tyrol. That is because in Alpbach, Austria, the latest security issues are discussed by branch expert Barracuda.

Firewalls are the figureheads of a company. But in a digitalized world, a firewall on your PC is not enough. Where do computers have to be secured today? What about web storage and applications from the cloud?

Barracuda claims to have a solution and answers the question with a counter-question:

Where is the firewall? – short: WTF

MyBusinessFuture was present at the EMEA Conference 2016 and brought together the most important information for customers and partners during an exclusive interview with Michael Zajusch, Regional Sales Director at Barracuda.

Exclusive interview with Barracuda

“Today, Barracuda is one of the leading provider of security and storage solutions”, Michael Zajusch, Regional Sales Director at Barracuda.

Why do you rely on the public cloud today?


We are lagging behind in Germany, in the USA the public cloud is already accepted. There, it is obtained for reasons of cost and performance. The Germans are still too critical. Especially in the DACH-region, companies think that data are more secure in their own networks. Other European countries are more open-minded, similar to the USA.

Zajusch also says that the advantages of the public cloud will now be communicated more cleary in the DACH-region as well. Security concerns are to be settled.

Zajusch sagt zudem, dass man die Vorteile der Public Cloud nun auch in der DACH deutlicher kommunizieren möchte. Security-Bedenken sollen aus der Welt geschafft werden. On Premise, on the other hand, would still be a popular pretext for better security. He also gives some advice to small and medium-sized enterprises:

Get going openly and without reservations. You can test the public cloud, even with our services through the Azure shop.

Wich trends do you see coming in 2017?


Firewall und Backup are our core elements. Additionally, we are now also focusing more intensively on Essentials for Office365 and MS Azure.

What does Barracuda want to achieve in 2016?


We currently have two distributors who find new partners for us. Most people simply do not know that we exist. Now we want to increase brand awareness, marketing is already on. Customers who already know our services know about our strengths. Support, regional training and long-term satisfaction with our products are to mention here.

Source of title image: Evernine