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The top 10 most promising professions in 2017

Globalization and mediatization have led to the fact that there are countless numbers of diverse jobs. In the flood of possibilities, it is difficult to pursue the right career path. For all those who need guidance, LinkedIn filtered out the top ten professions that offer the best chances for a steep career in the near future.

Finding the right job isn’t that easy nowadays. Because the labor market is getting more and more dynamic and frequent job changes become more attractive, even students must already have a concrete idea of their career.

According to a study by LinkedIn, not only the salary is decisive, but also a positive corporate culture and self-responsibility. In addition, many want to pursue a profession that has a positive influence on others. Not so easy to find such a job.

New era, new requirements

“The times when employees stayed with the same company for a lifetime are over. A shorter period of time, often referred to as job hopping, has grown considerably in recent years”, says Barbara Wittmann, Director of Recruitment Solutions and a member of the management team at LinkedIn Germany, Austria, Switzerland. “Due to the digital transformation, professional images are changing and new requirements arise. It is therefore all the more important to choose a profession that is personal, but also provides a certain degree of security.”

LinkedIn Ranking: Top 10 professions 2017

LinkedIn has set up a ranking that defines the most promising jobs in Germany. This list is intended to provide an orientation to those who are looking for new career opportunities. On the basis of the member data, it was examined which professions offer the greatest career opportunities.

Based on the analysis, the following list of the most promising jobs has emerged:


  1. IT-Specialist
  2. Marketing- & Communication-Manager
  3. HR Manager
  4. Project Manager
  5. Business Development Manager
  6. Doctor
  7. Physicist
  8. Designer
  9. Quality Manager
  10. Mathematician

To assist members in their next career step, LinkedIn introduces a “Premium Essentials” account for all users who want to focus on job search. It costs 99 euros a year or ten euros a month. With the account, you can, among other things, contact LinkedIn members who are not on your own network and send a larger number of messages to them.

Tips for career changers

Barbara Wittmann has the following advices for employees who are considering a career change:


Keep your online profile up-to-date: More and more companies are using career networks to find new candidates. Thus you should always keep your online profile up-to-date in order to give recruiters the best possible picture of yourself. With the Open Candidate feature on LinkedIn, members can also signal recruiters that they are open for new jobs without being visible to their company or other members.


Think outside the box: A change of a company or a new position in the company can have a positive impact on your salary. Particularly in large companies, internal job changes are often seen and offer the opportunity to sniff in other areas without having to change the employer.


Never stop learning: Taking new career paths often also requires new knowledge and skills. On the LinkedIn Learning Platform, you can acquire new knowledge in hands-on video conferences and gather knowledge for your next career step.


Make the most of your network: The fastest way to get in a company is through contacts you have there. Even if companies have not published jobs, friends from their network may make a recommendation for you.

This article is partly based on a press release of LinkedIn Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz.

Image source: iStock / shironosov