Solar roof from Tesla cheaper than conventional roofs!

Good news for all Tesla fans: The company offers its photovoltaic tiles for less than other companies for their traditional roof tiles. The Tesla tiles are almost 20 percent cheaper than a normal roof when energy savings and tax credits are taken into account. Find out more.

Tesla’s coveted solar roof tiles are made of glass applied to a photovoltaic substrate and serve as a replacement for conventional roofing materials. They look like a “real” roof from the ground – even if they perform much better than a standard roof. Thanks to the perfect interaction between Solar Roof and Powerwall, you can use the solar power from your roof day and night – and in the event of mains power failures, you will no longer be out of lights in the future.

Tesla tiles are indestructible

The Solar Roof not only turns sunlight into electricity, it also enhances the architecture of your home. And in combination with a powerwall electricity storage unit, you can use the energy generated by the solar roof during the day around the clock, so that your home practically becomes an electricity self-supplier. In addition, the glass solar tiles are absolutely indestructible. So far, Tesla has four styles available for pre-ordering: a structured black glass tile, a smooth grey tile, a Tuscan tile and a slate tile. According to the company, the installation of a solar roof takes between five and seven days – and Tesla controls the entire process itself.

Power consumption and warranty

How much electricity your Solar Roof should produce, you can simply determine on the basis of your electricity requirements – your decision has no influence on the aesthetics of the roof. Because from the street you can see no difference between the glass tiles with and without solar cells. The fact that solar roof tiles are so economical is commendable when you consider that consumer reports have predicted that tiles would cost less than $24.50 per square meter to compete with traditional roofing materials. Tesla has done that – and gone one step further. Now the company offers an unlimited warranty on the tiles. The solar tiles are coated with tempered glass and are therefore three times as robust as normal roof tiles. You even get a Tesla warranty that lasts as long as your house is standing.

A view into the future

The long-term savings are immense and are estimated at hundreds of Euros. Consumer Reports base their cost figures on the assumption that 30 years of electricity could be saved. They did not take into account local or state rebates or incentives, so the business can become even more tempting if you add them in. With the Powerwall, a battery storage device with a built-in inverter, it is possible for your home to be 100 percent off the grid. Great prospects for the future!

Source cover image: pexels/Benji Mellish