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Phab2 Pro: Lenovo is dancing tango with the industry

Notebook and tablet make room for the convertible. But what about those little processing machines in our pockets? With the Phab2 Pro, Lenovo introduces its first device that marks the beginning of the future of all-in-ones for business.

A noble aluminum case an a huge 6.4 inch display (2560 by 1440 pixels) are just a few of the sales arguments. The Phab2 Pro is the first smartphone worldwide that was developed solely for business – keyword “cameras”.

The real peculiarity is found in the cooperation between Lenovo and Google’s Project Tango, because in the future, the new Phab2 Pro will be able to measure rooms and recognize speeds with its cameras. That all is shown on the display, the camera becomes a gate to the virtual world.

In the video: Lenovo shows possibilities of Project Tango

The technology at a glance

With its sensors and cameras, the Phab2 Pro can scan rooms – approximately 250.000 measurements per second are performed by the three cameras on the back. The smartphone’s main camera can shine with 16 megapixels and can also recognize a room’s depth. The four gigabyte main memory then processes the data sets.

On top, you don’t even have to worry about the battery, according to Lenovo – despite the augmented reality cameras. The 4.000 mAh of the Tango smartphone last for two weeks in standby mode. Of course, the smartphone has LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 and WLAN-ac. A generous memory of 64 gigabytes complete the product.

Augmented reality for a new way of working

The usage possibilities appear to be gigantic, so that Lenovo employees already let virtual dinosaurs walk around in the floor. Besides that, the way American DIY chain Lowe’s uses Tango seems really reasonable. Their customers can scan rooms and furnish them with new furniture or kitchen parts with the help of Tango.

Even interior designers or retailers can benefit from the features. For example, walls can be drawn or furniture can be moved around without physically changing anything.


It remains exciting which chances are still to come with the new Tango technology. Starting in September 2016, the Phab2 Pro will be available in the market for about 500 Euros.

The price will be an important point: For 500 Euros, you not only get a very high quality smartphone but also the first model with integrated augmented reality.

Source of title image: Lenovo
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