London: Signify stages the world’s longest art installation

The longest art installation in the world is to be installed on 15 bridges in London by 2022. The world leader in lighting, Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), was awarded the contract by the Illuminated River Foundation and will now light up London’s bridges with its Interact Landmark System and Philips Color Kinetics networked LED luminaires. This project will revitalize London’s famous Thames bridges for the next ten years and underscore London’s reputation as an attractive metropolis. Using the centrally controlled software, Signify will stage this project architecturally with dynamic artistic lighting effects.

The Illuminated River Foundation expects the collaboration with Signify to provide a holistic strategy for lighting all bridges. The London city centre is to be reinvented with a multi-layered visual experience for passers-by. The breathtakingly illuminated bridges can then be admired from the riverbank, from the boat, from the air and from skyscrapers. Signify Interact Landmark System will use energy-efficient LED lighting to create an unprecedented scale of public art. Signify was able to stand out for this lighting project due to its strong global presence.

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT)

The world’s leading provider, Signify (Euronext:LIGHT), uses its Philips products and networked Interact lighting systems to provide lighting and lighting solutions. Renowned artists such as Leo Villareal and London architect Liftschutz Davison Sandilands are now working with the company to create the lighting design. The world market leader has also gained experience in working with lighting designers and architects.

The art installation

By mid-2019, four bridges are to be equipped with the lighting design: the world-famous London Bridge, the Canon Street Railway Bridge, the Southwark Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. Until 2022, the Blackfriars Railway Bridge, Golden Jubilee Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, Lambeth Bridge, Vauxhall Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Grosvenor Bridge, Chelsea Bridge, Albert Bridge and Tower Bridge will all be equipped with dynamic lighting effects.

The lighting, controlled from a distance, is also intended to enhance the surroundings of the bridges. This is achieved by three-dimensional lighting with Philips Color Kinetics networked LED luminaires. The 22,000 Philips Color Kinetics LED light points used can create various dynamic lighting effects in more than 16 million colors. With the goal of supporting environmentally friendly and tourist landmarks and cities, Signify’s networked LED technology creates the opportunity to save approximately 50 to 70% of annual energy consumption for architectural lighting. The reduced energy consumption is an essential part of this art project. Once completed, the Illuminated River Project will cover an impressive four kilometers, making it the longest visible public art installation in the world.

Source title image: Signify