Individuality for your customers – How fashion ecommerce works

December 7th, 2018, Author: Klik&Pay / Editor: MBF Editor

Fashion companies in e-commerce are currently regarded as trendsetters. Select your individual style with configuration tools. Online shops for fashion can generate more sales figures with customer friendliness.

The fashion industry is a gigantic business on the Internet. According to Statista, the e-commerce fashion industry already has a sales volume of 481 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 731 billion dollars by 2022. By 2027, more fashion items are to be sold on the Web than in retail stores.


Online retailers who want to participate in this growth should focus above all on individual offers. Customers no longer just want to shop, they want to find their own personality in the shop and be inspired.


A problem for smaller online retailers is that the competitive pressure is enormous and it is difficult to compete against giants like Amazon or Zalando. Only a few can keep up with the sheer breadth of the online giants’ offerings.

Success through individualization and new technologies

It remains as a way out individuality, focus on quality and swim against the stream. Configuration tools play an important role here, allowing a completely individual style to be generated. Niche markets such as Manga, Gothic and Cosplay are also playing an increasingly important role.

Moreover, social media should not be neglected in order to direct customers to their own shop. And virtual reality and artificial intelligence also make a three-dimensional shopping experience possible. An outfit with individual colors and combinations can be tailored to one’s own body and virtually tried on.

Customers want up-to-date information

Special offers, limited offers and seasonal campaigns should be placed prominently. The customer should always get the feeling that the shop offers the best and cheapest offer for him. The product cycles are short and so is the attention span. With automated marketing, the right balance between inventory and customer interest can be found.

Be prepared for mobile shoppers

Many people no longer use a PC, but almost exclusively a smartphone – and the trend is rising. For the shopping experience, the small mobile phone screens are not ideal, but adjust to the changing customer behavior and prepare an offer site that is specially set up for mobile access. The mobile site must be designed to fit the typical mobile phone screen, i.e. slim and tidy. Customers should have an experience that makes it easy for them to enter and find favorites.

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