Changes in the Microsoft Partner Landscape

Microsoft zählt zu den relevantesten IT-Providern weltweit. Die rund 30.000 Partnerunternehmen in Deutschland adressieren Firmen aller Branchen und Größen. Erfahren Sie hier, wie sich die Microsoft-Partnerlandschaft verändert.

Microsoft’s goal is to focus on technology trends and growth markets such as artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics and cloud computing without neglecting the established product and service areas of recent decades. Microsoft wants to deliver a differentiated value across the cloud portfolio in order to differentiate itself from the competition, remain relevant and maintain high cross margins.


To achieve this goal, Microsoft has reorganized its development teams over the past 18 months, realigned its sales and marketing teams, and driven innovation.


The changes at Microsoft have direct and indirect effects on both the IT channel and the user companies. For user companies, these developments mean a multitude of new procurement options to satisfy existing and future needs.

ISG Provider Lens Study

As part of the study “ISG Provider Lens Microsoft Ecosystem 2019”, ISG analyses the services and offerings of Microsoft partners in selected segments in Germany. The findings from the analysis allow an assessment of the strength of the provider portfolios and their competitiveness on the market.

The ISG study offers IT decision-makers transparency in the strengths and weaknesses of providers and service providers and a differentiated positioning of providers according to segments. The study includes manufacturer surveys, expert discussions with advisors, evaluation of product documents and references and testing and evaluation of the respective offers.


The project kick-off took place in August 2018. The manufacturer survey followed on 09.10.2018 and the sneak previews are possible on 31.01.2019. The final preparation of the study will then be 07.03.2019. The final press release will take place on 14.03.2019.

The areas of analysis

The positioning of the providers takes place within the framework of a neutral and independent research and evaluation process. Participation in the study is free of charge. The following areas are the subject of the analysis:

ISG will select the companies, products and services to be examined within the ISG Provider Lens Analysis independently of active or passive participation.

Important Information

Your participation is important. Contribute your part so that ISG and ISG customers have comprehensive and accurate information about the services and experiences available.


To receive the questionnaire and further information from the start of the research phase, simply send an e-mail to [email protected].


You can find more information about the study and the defined market segments here.

Source title image: Microsoft