Bitdefender Home Scanner: More security in the home network

June 12th, 2017, Editor: Janina Widhammer

Since we’re in the age of digitization, private data are easily accessible for unauthorized persons. Hackers make their way into personal devices and inflict immense damage. To increase the protection of home networks, Bitdefender now offers a home scanner which significantly increases the security of all devices.

A home network nowadays consists of much more than just a computer. In addition to a smartphone, many employees also need tablets and notebooks with which they can work from home. On top, there are also additional devices from other family members.


These are usually all connected to the same network. Thus all these devices are connected to one another. For hackers this is a real paradise: As soon as they have managed to hack one of the devices, it is easy for them to access the other devices via the network.

Bitdefender Home Scanner protects the entire network

With the Home Scanner, Bitdefender now offers a software to protect the entire home network. The Bitdefender Home Scanner significantly increases the security level of the network.


Bitdefender employs proven technology that has already been used successfully in the Bitdefender Box to better secure all network-connected devices such as notebooks, PCs, mobile and smart devices. A home network is only as secure as its weakest link – the most insecure device.

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A successful hack of a single device within the home WLAN network can lead to a takeover of the whole network – and thus of all the devices that are connected.


As a result, attackers can not only access bank account data, private images and e-mails, but even control the entire home security settings.

This would enable them, for example, to monitor the apartment via SmartTVs or other devices equipped with audio technology and to check whether someone is at home.

Free download for your home network

Once the Bitdefender Home Scanner is installed on the home PC, it automatically scans the wireless network and detects all devices connected to the Internet. The identified devices are then examined for risks and summarized in a report.


In the report, all weaknesses are listed – for example weak user names, passwords, unsafe communication connections as well as weak points in the firmware of the devices. The report also contains information on how the detected weaknesses can be secured better.


If interested, you can download the software via the Bitdefender Website for free.


Source of title image: LDProd / iStock