48Forward Festival: Into the future with optimism and creativity

The current situation calls for new ideas and concepts. Optimism is now more important than ever. Join the online conference of the 48forward Festival on 29 April 2020 to learn how we can overcome the current crisis together.

Event organizers are hit hardest by the measures to contain the Covid-19 virus. Following the current decision, their will not be any large physical events until the 31 August. Hence why event managers will have to look for digital alternatives. Only optimism and creativity will help. This year’s theme of the Future and Innovation Conference could therefore not be more appropriate. 

A Virtual Call for Optimism

However, as the event cannot take place in the planned form, the “Call for Optimism” will be announced virtually this year. Speakers will be streamed live on April 29, 2020 to discuss technological, social and health trends and their impact on various areas of life and the economy. Among the speakers are renowned names such as Harvard Professor of Epidemiology Marc Lipsitch, Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang and the health scientist and politician Prof. Karl Lauterbach. 

This year, the speakers will talk digitally to all participants about various trends. (Source: 48forward Festival)

This is what you can expect:

The current situation requires that ideas from different sectors of society be brought together. This is what the 48forward Festival stands for like only few other events in Germany. 


This year, 30 speakers from science, industry and civil society will be present. The three main themes will be Society & Politics, Health Care as well as Planet & Environment. 

This is how you can participate:

All information on participation and registration can be found on the website https://virtual.optimism.do. On April 29th you will have the chance to get an insight into the solutions of the future. 

Image source: 48forward Festival