Virtual Events

Virtual Events: Inspire customers in 3D worlds

At 3D virtual events, attendees are free to move, talk, and share. This experience brings higher participation rates and customer loyalty that traditional video conferencing has not yet been able to achieve.

The video game manufacturer Virtway Events develops digital worlds in which companies can hold business events that outshine conventional online events.

At the beginning of an event, each participant creates his or her own avatar. Users can thus move freely, exchange information and, instead of just watching, participate in an event “physically” and experience a brand and the other visitors in person. Communication is like a walkie-talkie: By pressing a talk button, everyone around you can hear you through your microphone.


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Designing the world yourself

For companies, getting started with such an event is easy, according to Virtway. For a one-time experience, one of many virtual venues can be booked or even a dedicated space can be created that can be used more frequently.


The company can then design the event location as it would in the real world and customize it to fit its own brand.


For even greater customer engagement, the business event can be enhanced with engaging social events. The full online experience comes as close as possible to the live event with activities such as team building, escape rooms, theme parties and concerts.

Virtual connection

Visitors can upload and share any kind of multimedia data via the content management system. Images, videos, presentation slides – even links to their own social media profiles and websites can be opened in the program and do not need to be viewed in a separate window.

The organizing company can also take advantage of this and place posters, rollups, billboards and presentation slides on the virtual site to draw attention to information and services.


In addition to expo halls, conference halls and exhibition areas where presentations are held with the help of PowerPoint videos and virtual assistants, break areas can be set up for networking, games, concerts etc.

In addition to posting billboards and presentation slides, the provider also enables the use of virtual break rooms. (Source: Virtway Events)

Every event is unique – Even in the virtual world

Working with partners, Virtway Events customize each event to meet the goals of each client. “Each event is unique, which is why we always consult internally before we can commit to a client request. Next, we work with the client to define the goals of their event, clarifying exactly what they want to achieve,” explains Danielle McCornell, Director of Marketing at Virtway in an interview with Trend Report. “In terms of marketing efforts, all PR activities outside of the platform are similar to those of any real event. But in our virtual world, there are a variety of sponsorship opportunities that can be integrated and headlined during an event,” McCornell added.


Users can log in from anywhere in the world, from iPhones, Androids, tablets, PCs and Macs – with a 3G Internet connection and after a short installation process, all visitors are ready to discover virtual product worlds.

Source coverimage: Harvard Engage! Communications GmbH