Ubimax presents Skype and multi-user calls on data glasses

February 22th, 2019, Author / Editor: MyBusinessFuture

Ubimax, the leading experts in the field of augmented reality solutions, extends the functionality of its Ubimax Frontline platform with a further highlight. With Skype for Business Support and Multi User Calls, Ubimax users can now communicate with an unlimited number of participants. With the new release nothing stands in the way of conference calls, collective training and remote collaborations. Thanks to Microsoft’s VoIP service, the new function is available on all Android as well as Windows based data glasses. Get in touch with each other with the Ubimax Frontline Release.


The company Ubimax

Ubimax develops, since 2011, industrial wearable computing and augmented reality solutions. The portable computer technologies connect the physical activity of your employees with the real world. The focus is on improving cross-industry business and work processes. They enable and support mobile workers to operate efficiently and goal-oriented. The four core solutions xPick, xMake, xInsepct and xAssist promote mobile working. With the new caller function, Ubimax sets new standards in the field of augmented reality solutions.


Conference calls – by eyeglasses

The data glasses are now equipped with a Microsoft enterprise solution for VoIP calls and enable communication on a new level. Whether it’s guided training for training situations or conference calls, the new feature for the first time offers the possibility to connect with the data glasses and other colleagues. Should you want to call in experts who are not part of your company? No problem at all, the confidentiality of the call is guaranteed by the Ubimax solution, even if the call partner is not from your own network.


Worldwide communication is possible thanks to the global cloud-based approach and allows callers to access a Skype for Business from different locations. Usable in a variety of areas, such as training purposes or solving complex problems, the Ubimax Frontline Release enriches the work process. This opens up completely new communication channels for customers, because in addition to worldwide availability, the new frontline solution can always be integrated thanks to Sykpe before Buisness.

Ubimax now offers the Frontline solution for all data glasses. Thus Ubimax once again proves its high value in the field of portable computer technologies and augmented reality.




This article is based on a press release by Ubimax.

Source cover picture: Ubimax press release

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