Business Innovation Center

This is how the Business Innovation Center in Niederbayern digitalizes

A total of seven companies now sits under the roof of the “Business Innovation Center – Center for IT & Business” (B.I.C.). The goal of the center: To provide the best and most appropriate IT solutions to business owners who are new to IT.

Despite their strong economic situation, German companies still have a lot to catch up on when it comes to digitalization. Many companies face a serious challenge of tackling the digitalization the right way. And there is a lot at stake, the increase in productivity resulting from the introduction of new IT solutions could easily yet significantly increase companies’ growth potential.

The B.I.C. offers a broad range of digital services and support and, most importantly, everything comes in a full-service, stress-free package. It supports its clients with tailored, commercial hardware and software solutions, IT consulting and training programs, as well as financial advisory.

Full-on digital

Entrepreneur Werner Kopczynski, CEO of Cowotech, has managed to bring seven companies together under the name “B.I.C. Business Innovation Center – Center for IT & Business”. All in order to provide a tailor-made full-service solution to mid-sized companies.

To complete the necessary portfolio, Cowotech has now acquired abc group, one of the largest integrators of GDI ERP software in Bavaria.


The HARTL GROUP is another – and one of the first companies – to have joined B.I.C. in order to present itself as one of the leading IT service providers. At the same time, the company wants to create one of the most modern data center networks.


In addition, the HARTL GROUP experts can support clients according to their individual requirements in areas such as cloud, mobility, hosting, business software and hardware, compliance and more.

Cooperation is a must

Especially in the area of digital transformation, collaborations and experience flow in the business development play a strategic role, and makes it possible to offer an added value for the customers. Therefore, some essential criteria for the expected success of the Bavarian Business Innovation Center are an outstanding know-how and a close proximity between companies.


The main purpose behind the concept of the B.I.C. is to offer companies from the digital and IT-sector a suitable office space and the opportunity to exchange experiences in order to drive innovation. In this way, the center will be the first point of contact for customers looking for appropriate service providers or cooperation partners.

Space for more companies

The CEO of Cowotech has managed to gather an avant-garde of the digital scene for the Presentation of the new B.I.C. in Passau. Experts including Marc Zuasig, former CEO of Apple Germany (currently Managing Director of GDI Gesellschaft für Datentechnik und Informationssysteme mbH), Georg Startor (Cowotech), Peter Hartl (Hartl EDV), Hannes Beierlein (Evernine Group) and representatives of the city of Passau ant the IHK.


Werner Kopczynski has invested a seven-figure sum to create a three-story innovative competence center, all on 2,500 square meters of office space. Into the B.I.C. Therefore, the center is the ideal place to develop and internationalize innovative companies. One of the biggest advantages is that companies can grow and at the same time share experiences and ideas with other digital innovators.

Source of title image: iStock / PeopleImages