The Rewe Group bundles all media activities in a newly created unit

January 6th, 2019, Author / Editor: Evernine / Lenz Nölkel

From 2019, the Rewe Group will bundle all media activities in Austria in a new unit under the management of Stephanie Schubert. The new media agency for all brands is Mindshare. Read more.

The internal media tasks of the Rewe Group – the largest advertising customer in Austria – will be bundled in a new central media service area from January 2019. The “Group Marketing Services” unit will then be headed by Stephanie Schubert, previously Head of Marketing at Billa AG. She will work together with Ines Schurin, Head of Corporate Communications, in the future and together they will develop the new division.

Media tasks to be strengthened internally in future

The Group’s goal is to ensure that the media tasks are increasingly performed internally within the Rewe Group in the future. In future, media strategy, media purchasing and media planning will be coordinated centrally for all organizational units under the umbrella of “Group Marketing Services”.


The service unit is the point of contact and central point of contact for all media tasks within the Group.

The new goals

“The aim is to leverage synergies for the benefit of the company as a whole while maintaining brand identities. The step of bundling is the logical continuation of our path of increasing our efficiency by bundling our strengths, streamlining and simplifying processes as well as leveraging operational and financial synergies in the interests of the company as a whole”, says Marcel Haraszti, Member of the Management Board of Rewe International AG


Starting in 2019, the Group will be supported by the Mindshare agency, which recently secured the bundled media budget of the Rewe Group in Austria. Stephanie Schubert led the selection process. Mindshare replaces OMD, the long-term budget holder.


In addition to the focus on media, “Group Marketing Services” will also include sponsoring and events, the maintenance of the Rewe Group brand and Group-wide marketing services. Schubert will move from Billa to Corporate Communications on 1 January, but will take over the media negotiations for 2019 with immediate effect.

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