The dmexco 2017 is growing with the topics

September 28th, 2017, Author / Editor: Evernine Group / Klaus Hauptfleisch

With around 1,100 exhibitors, dmexco in Cologne, Europe’s leading trade fair for digital marketing, was larger than ever in mid-September 2017. According to the motto “Pure Business”, the introduction of paid tickets has led to a significantly lower number of visitors and left more room for technical discussions. Key topics included programmatic advertising, automation and self-publishing.


In the age of digital transformation, more and more marketing and advertising funds are flowing into digital media. Nowhere is this more reflected than at the dmexco, the “digital marketing exposition & conference”, which took place for the seventh time in Cologne on 13 and 14 September 2017. Under the enlightening and self-confident motto “Lightening the Age of Transformation”, Europe’s leading trade fair for digital advertising and digital marketing attracted 87 more German and international companies with 1,100 exhibitors than in the previous year and more than four times as many as in 2009.


Many big names, more internationality


Co-founder Frank Schneider, who already launched the predecessor, the Online Marketing Düsseldorf (2002 to 2008), is proud of many big international names such as Adobe, Bertelsmann, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, SAP, Telefónica and Twitter. Dmexco has also gained in internationality since its inception: the number of foreign exhibitors rose from 15 to more than 50, with the largest increases this time from Great Britain, Israel and Switzerland.


The organizers of Koelnmesse, the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) and the online marketer circle (OVK) have also put the dmexco 2017 under another motto: “Pure Business” should attract more trade visitors and less running audience with the introduction of paid tickets. The bill came up, because the number of visitors has dropped significantly from over 50,000 to 40,700. Many exhibitors were pleased, because at the same time they could count considerably more qualified conversations and contracts.

Concentrated woman power

The slogan “Lightening the Age of Transformation” was featured in all areas of Europe’s largest marketing show and was also reflected in many of the more than 570 keynote speeches and presentations held by more than a third of women. Apart from HR, there are probably fewer female specialists and executives than in marketing and advertising.


“Equality & Dispersity is our highest priority”, writes the trade fair co-initiator Christian Muche under the dmexco subdomain “Gender Equality”, which was set up specifically to address the growing importance of women in marketing, media and technology take into account and strengthen their position.

Together with Refinery29 and The Female Quotient, dmexco has won 29 top female executives from global companies to promote the “29 Global Trailblazers” campaign to share their experiences and encourage other women at the show. Among them were Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Uber brand boss Bozoma Saint John.

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B2B or B2C each require their own customer approach

Refinery29 CEO Phillipe von Borries estimates that by 2028, one-third of global corporations will be women-owned and women will have the largest share of private spending (75 percent). Even in TV advertising shows how differently men and women jump on it. But even more important is to separate B2B and B2C in the customer approach. For example, products such as SAP HANA often require a great deal of explanation in the B2B area. However, products that address consumers must be largely self-explanatory. The marketing tools used such as HubSpot and Marketo are often the same. The only question is, which is more suitable and how it is used in each case. This is also evident in the next topic.

Marketing automation still trumps

Marketo already gives the direction. Marketing automation turns Salesforce into customer contacts and brings them to a point where sales can begin. While consumers are often driven by impulse buys, businesses typically have multiple people involved in the buying decision, which can often take weeks or months to invest. On the other hand, potential B2B customers have already informed themselves in advance in advance. That’s why Salesforce software, along with analytic data, is a great fit for B2B environments, according to Salesforce. Although B2C marketing also builds on brand loyalty, trust and product knowledge. But marketing automation can help minimize sales cycles.

Globe on tablet computer at office desktop. Media app icons flying around the globe. There is a warm glow behind the globe.

Automation can only work if all employees are involved. (Source: KeremYucel / iStock)

Programmatic Advertising is on the rise

As the dmexco 2017 shows, there is more and more in the direction of programmatic advertising (PA) with targeted advertising content tailored to the user. Yahoo and MSN have already made their first attempts in the late 1990s. In October 2000, Google started using AdWords and in 2007, after the acquisition of DoubleClick with Realtime Bidding (RTB). According to the BWDW, the PA describes automated modulation of advertising contact opportunities in real time, whereas RTB describes an automated pricing process between the supply and demand side.


Plista from Berlin, Outbrain and Taboola were also represented at the dmexco 2017 with a PA solution. In addition to Hamburg, the federal capital is increasingly becoming a mecca for modern customer communication, for example, for the use of beacons.

Beacons for direct customer contact

Beacons or iBeacons from Apple are small power-saving radio transmitters based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for indoor navigation. Visitors to large corporate buildings or trade fairs such as the dmexco can find their way around so much better. Shopping malls and shopping streets also open up a variety of possibilities, such as those barcoo explored with MyMuesli and Sportscheck years ago. Provided that customers agree and have a BLE enabled mobile device, they can be addressed directly to offers in one of the retail stores via beacons in shopping malls or shopping streets. In order to make the customers that tasty, they are courted among other things with virtual discount brands – couponing is the magic word. By the way, Osram has shown a very interesting solution for location-based marketing (at the dmexco) and thus gained a great deal of attention: The Munich-based lighting manufacturer has integrated the beacons directly into the lamps.

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The trend is self-publishing

Beacons for shopping streets, shopping malls, museums and events of all kinds are good examples of the increasing integration of the real and the digital world. On the other hand, more and more large companies are beginning to use their own online magazines as a digital communication platform because they no longer see their topics sufficiently represented in the major newspapers and specialist journals.


Self-publishing is very much in vogue and even has its own event for the literary scene, where self-publishing of novels and poetry has begun. On Sunday, June 10, 2017, the 4th Self-Publishing-Day or SP-Day took place in Hamburg with about 200 participants. There, the authors of experienced well-known colleagues sometimes also learn how to develop a plot and build up tension. There are also manufacturers such as epuli, BoD, Tolino Media and Amazon, which offer solutions for self-publishing.

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But self-publishing is not just limited to authors who want to put their own print editions or e-books into the market. For large companies, self-publishing has often started with customer magazines. Car manufacturers and companies in the ITC sector have been particularly active here for many years. At first, it was above all well-known manufacturers and distributors. But meanwhile, more and more large system houses such as Bechtle, CANCOM or the SAP partner All for One Steeb also create their own online magazines in self-publishing.

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Start-up promotion and a new “Hatch” winner

In addition to the many big names that were represented at dmexco, the fair is also increasingly developing into a platform for young, innovative companies. Since the beginning in 2009, the number of start-ups at the marketing fair has grown from 25 to 150. An interesting solution was presented by ed interaction. The company from Augsburg (Germany) wants to make television a medium of dialogue, in which viewers on their mobile devices are enabled to react interactively to advertising and other TV offerings. For example, they should be able to book a trip or a test drive right away. This is made possible by the new HbbTV standard, which connects TV and the Internet.


The winner of the € 20,000 award “The dmexco and Procter & Gamble Start-up Hatch” with 20 competitors was the Berlin start-up Opinary, which allows users to quickly orient themselves in debates to themselves to give an opinion. Among other things, the Opinary tool was used by the “star” in the evaluation of the TV duel between Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD challenger Martin Schulz.

Assessment by the communications expert

Start-up does not automatically mean that the companies are not already established. One example is the Evernine Group, which, based in Munich and Hamburg, has developed within a few years into one of the leading innovation and communication consultancies for various industries. For Hannes Beierlein, Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer of Evernine, visiting dmexco is a very important point in the annual calendar to capture trends and engage with other industry companies.  


“The bulk of the marketing money is still flowing into classic advertising media such as newspapers and broadcasters. Digital advertising is still a long way off because too much budget is spent on production, for example on commercials. But in the end, there is nothing left to put them into circulation”, explaines Hannes Beierlein, Evernine Group’s Chief Communications Officer. “I think dmexco is making an important contribution to changing that.”



Source of title image: Evernine