Tank & Rast and SAP intensify their cooperation

Autobahn Tank & Rast and SAP now collaborate even more intensive: In the future, the longtime innovation cooperation will also incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT), digital and big data marketing, programmatic online advertising and location-based services.

Central to the cooperation is the application MoovOn which, according to the motto “Being on the move pays off”, offers travelers additional benefits. The MoovOn app has been developed by Cittadino Digital, a company that is linked to Tank & Rast. The application is tied to SAP’s exchange media platform SAP XM.


The cooperation of Tank & Rast and SAP pushes digitization in marketing by directly bringing together advertisers and providers in the cloud. With SAP XM, the company offers an IT system that provides context-based real-time information, a factor which is indispensable in contemporary digital marketing.

SAP XM and MoovOn: Innovative advertising spaces in the cloud

The MoovOn app offers mobile people up-to-date services and clear benefits during their journeys. For every covered kilometer users get so-called MoovCoins, independent from their means of transportation. Those MoovCoins can be redeemed and users get attractive premiums from different partners.

Dr. Tanja Rückert, EVP LoB Digital Assets and IoT at SAP: “Together with clients and users like Autobahn Tank & Rast, SAP is the driving innovation force of digital transformation. With SAP XM, SAP extended its digital marketing portfolio and offers an integrated digital media network based on the SAP cloud platform.


SAP XM directly connects advertisers and providers of digital advertising spaces in the cloud and hence brings together supply and demand in a programmatic, transparent and efficient way.”

SAP supports companies in marketing digitization

Marketing digitization poses a technological and organizational challenge on many companies. IT systems that allow to process huge amounts of data from diverse internal and external sources and to analyze them context-based are a basic requirement for the digital transformation.


“For companies it is crucial to understand customers and their needs comprehensively. The close cooperation of CMO and CIO is very important and a significant factor of success. For us, SAP is a central partner that supports us in achieving our digitization goals with their forward-looking product portfolio”, explains Gerhard Göttert, CIO at Tank & Rast and CEO at Cittadino Digital.


With the SAP cloud platform, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP XM, SAP provides a comprehensive infrastructure that optimally supports companies in this regard.

This article is partly based on a press release from SAP, June 2017

Source of title image: iStock / Tom Merton