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Super-battery discovered by accident

Mya Le Thai discovered by accident a super-battery which could survive more than a hundret years. But how can you produce such a innovative discovery by accident?

The scientist Mya Le Thai is postgraduate at the University of California Irvine. The team was searching for the improvement of nano-wires as Thai created the super-battery. She expermimented with nano-wires made of gold and bedded them into electrolyte-gel made of acrylic glas. Thus the super-battery was made.

Normally the thin nano-wires oulasts just a few charging processes. Mya Le Thai loaded the invention 200.000 times in three months, that’s like 400 year with a normal use.

Source: Evernine via iStock
Source: Evernine via iStock

„It’s crazy because normally the rechargable batteries resists only 6.000 or 7.000 charging processes. Mya discovered that a layer made of gel makes it possible to recharge the batteries a hundred thousand times – without any loss.“, said Reginald Penner the professor of the labour in which the batterie was found.

Golden nano-wires are very expensive so the scientists are rsearching for an alternative material. If this is possible, the super-battery could revolutionize the electricity storage.

Source cover image: Evernine via iStock