Citrix Summit

Summit 2018 – all about the new Citrix strategy

It is almost time! From 7th to 9th January 2018, the Citrix Summit will be held in California. With one goal: Sessions in 5 Tracks – Sales, Technical, Marketing, Citrix Service Providers, and Alliances & Sponsors – show you how to enhance your Citrix expertise and how to increase your profitability.

Why should you go to the Citrix Summit 2018? Networking! This year’s conference is all about commitment. You can build relationships with other partners and distributors as well as industry, product and marketing experts. Make contacts, exchange opinions and industry news and relax.

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The 5 Tracks

1. Sales

Participate in sessions that focus on sales plays. This allows you to take a closer look at certain applications and play them. In addition, you will receive guidance on how to initiate customer discussions to identify the common challenges that can be solved with Citrix solutions.



Update your knowledge of basic content on and be prepared to immerse yourself in advanced technical sessions. In addition, develop your technical presentation skills and learn to combine technical value with business value.


3. Marketing

Learn how to conduct effective awareness and demand management campaigns to drive leads and win profitable deals.


4. Citrix Service Provider

Get tools and best practices to build market and sell Citrix-based services for the most profitable market segments.


5. Alliances & Sponsors

Learn how relationships with Alliance members and sponsors by pooling resources improve growth and revenue.

The Citrix vision for the future of work

Learn about new business opportunities and how to get things done faster with Citrix Sales. For this purpose, Summit Citrix offers talks and sessions that build on box-office selling games and panel discussions.

Hear the Citrix vision for the future of work and get tips directly from Citrix executives for deeper insights and new opportunities. Summit offers marketing-oriented sessions and numerous structured and unstructured networking events to connect you with the influencers that matter most to your business.

Building a new way for a new business

Citrix Summit is the essential business development conference for distribution partners. At Summit, you get the tools you need to build relationships, capitalize on opportunities, and build the way for a new business.

Build new Alliances and expand your Business in Partnership with Citrix: Summit offers several well-structured networking activities that will help you connecting with Citrix executives and learn first-hand how other Citrix partners are meeting their customers’ challenges.

Networking dinner

After a successful day of training, you will be able to see new technologies from sponsors and vendors at the Solutions Expo “The Exchange”. This is an Expo concept that allows individual and small group interactions, which have always been a highlight of the Summit.

Afterwards, you can round off the evening at the legendary party, including dinner and informal networking.

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