Sonos Beam comes to Germany

After Sonos has produced two high-class soundbars with the Playbar and Playbase, they now offer a lower-priced option with the Sonos Beam. Next to the vibrant sound the soundbar is provided with features like a HDMI-port and voice control.

The Sonos Beam convinced with its compactness (651 x 100 x 68.5 mm) and merely 2.8 kilo, and thus proves to be quite small for a soundbar of that quality. Although the choice of colour could be more diverse – the Sonos Beam comes in black and white – the subtle colours easily blend into the room and make the soundbar almost disappear. Optionally, the Sonos Beam can stand or be hung on the wall. Also, the soundbar spares unnecessary cords and cables and only needs its electronic cord.

Vibrant sound for all media

The small box surprises with its vibrant sound. With the full range woofer and tweeters, the Sonos Beam can play everything from classical and pop music to blockbuster films and video games in very good quality. Also, the tweeter creates a very clear and crisp dialog, which gives a relaxing evening in front of the TV the certain cinema feeling.

Who wants to fill bigger or even more rooms with sound can add more Sonos speaker to the Sonos Beam system. Via the app you can easily extend the soundbar and interconnect it with further speakers.

Music streaming is supported

To give users the opportunity to fully enjoy the sound experience of the Beam, Sonos supports over 60 streaming providers such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. You just play your songs on a PC, Mac or mobile device which is connected to the wifi and it will play via the speaker. Moreover, the Sonos Beam supports AirPlay 2, which makes the connection with Apple products so much more easily. The connection to the TV is also very simple as Sonos provides the Beam with a HDMI-port.

Control via Alexa

Next to the classical remote and a smartphone app Sonos installed the Amazon Alexa voice control to control the Beam. Next to controlling the volume Alexa takes orders like “Turn on the TV” or “Look for a romantic movie on Netflix”. Consequently, you can enjoy a hand free controlling of your TV.

The Sonos Beam convinced with the many new and improved features like the HDMI-port and the Alexa voice control. Due to the possibility to extend the soundbar with more speakers, the Sonos Beam is a good option for your home sound system.

Source title image: Sonos