The selfie future – more than just a trend?

In the upcoming future, selfies will be more than just a simple snapshot. How companies can profit from selfies, is uncovered in the current study about usage of smartphones by Sony Mobile.

Within the scope of the study of selfie usage, Sony Mobile, together with the future researcher Dr. Ian Pearson, investigated the change of funny selfies towards a technical additive. The study, which surveyed more than 6,500 participants, showed that consumers are basically open to different applications of smartphone cameras.

Selfies about to become a technical phenomenon

“The results make it clear that selfies are on their way to transforming from a pure gimmick into a technical phenomenon. By that, they give thought-provoking impulses for a whole range of industries. The potential is huge and you can be curious about the developments over the next years”, says future researcher Dr. Ian Pearson.

Application possibilities are manifold

The most important fields in which photography could be further developed along with the smartphone:


1) Health diagnosis by the doctor via selfie or video chat: More than a quarter of all users surveyed would prefer to consult a physician by self or video call instead of visiting him personally.


2) Online-Banking with “selfie password”: Instead of logging in with a normal password, why not do so via selfie? More than half of all respondents want this.


3) Optimizing your training techniques in the gym: Getting instructions for some exercises via video chat.


4) Outfit finder in clothing stores: A variety of outfits, fitting your individual physique, can be tested at the touch of a button.


5) “Selfie password” as a key substitute for your own home.

Source of title picture: Sony Mobile