Security at the next level: How banks protect their applications

08.06.2020, Editorial office: MyBusinessFuture

When it comes to bank security, the cloud strategy is decisive in the war. In this article, you will learn which security solutions IT managers are using to successfully position themselves in the finance sector.

More and more banks are turning to cloud systems for their new activities. New competitors are pushing into the market. Google Pay, Apple Pay, N26 and other Fintechs want to compete with the traditional banks in the consumer business. The younger generation in particular is willing to change and quickly succumbs to the temptation of hip offers. The challenges are enormous. It is difficult to operate profitably.

Traditional banks often find it difficult to integrate these trends into their applications and offerings because they are usually held back by legacy systems in the IT infrastructure. IT has a responsibility to drive the digital transformation and reduce costs at the same time.

Staying modern at the top

Value-added banking is in demand, demand the consultants at Accenture. The situation is threatening, as digital challengers and new competitors from other industries are targeting the foundation of the big banks: the current accounts of their clients. Up to 40 percent of the account income of a traditional financial institution is at stake. Open banking and a stronger focus on the individual requirements of customers can help ward off these attacks.

The consulting firm Capgemini takes a similar view: “The banks are facing a paradigm shift. Competitive pressure and increasing compliance requirements increase complexity. With an API-supported architecture, the customer experience must be improved. What is needed is a digital mindset and design thinking.

And Deloitte also advises a transformative agenda to effectively reduce the cost structure. After all, technological activities should not only create savings, but also strengthen sustainability.

How banks are preparing for the future

You as cloud architects are particularly challenged in this situation. Agile teams must quickly create new and appealing services with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that appeal to a young audience. This means that the cloud will become the standard platform for developers. In the cloud, all shackles are released and fast work is possible. Take up the challenge of breaking up rigid structures and scoring points with innovative solutions.

Are you also faced with the challenge of offering your customers a modern portfolio that is also secure?

We show you how to expand your know-how in the field of cybersecurity.


But with all this speed and agility, safety must never be neglected. DevOps teams tend to see security as a nuisance or an obstacle. This is partly because some security solutions are not designed for flexibility and agility.

This is where the Trend Micro Cloud One platform comes in. This hybrid cloud security solution provides built-in security with a high level of automation. The developers do not even notice that they then work in a highly secure environment. DevOps benefits from a high degree of flexibility: you can simply make a selection of cloud, platforms and tools and then get started. Trend Micro offers turnkey integrations and comprehensive APIs. Trend Micro’s cloud-native security solution delivers new capabilities every week. And it does so without impacting access or daily use. Dedicated security experts are not required. Security and compliance are always guaranteed. So it’s no problem to work with innovative technologies like containers and block chain.

Anchored in the ecosystem

This is also the case with the Trend Micro platform Cloud One. It seamlessly complements the toolsets of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud™ and can be easily integrated into them. In addition, Trend Micro has a stable ecosystem and works with all major consulting firms, but also with medium-sized system houses. A great technological expertise has distinguished Trend Micro for decades. Equally important is the longstanding strong presence in the German-speaking world.

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Create Trust Economy

Bank customers attach great importance to security. To ensure this, there is no way around a Trust Economy. With Trend Micro security, modern banks can build customer confidence and improve the user experience to increase competitiveness.

The strength of Trend Micro lies primarily in its continuous innovation. This is confirmed by independent market researchers. In the Gartner Peer Insights, Trend Micro’s solutions predominantly receive excellent marks. Learn more with the Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms. With Trend Micro’s comprehensive portfolio, cloud architects in the banking environment are fully prepared for all security challenges.


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