New education opportunities for e-commerce

The e-commerce business is on the top! Various educational offers are available in e-commerce. Career starters have the opportunity to inform themselves here.

In Germany and Austria, special training courses for merchants in e-commerce have now been approved. In other European countries, such courses have been available for some time, but at university level.


The dilemma in Germany used to be that pure online companies were not allowed to train merchants. The argumentation was that online and mail order companies were not allowed to train because they did not have their own shops with a consulting situation.


This has changed since August 2018 and the e-commerce businessman is a regulated training occupation of three years’ duration within the framework of dual training alternating between vocational school and training centre.

The educational content for e-commerce

The following skills are required in the French postgraduate course in e-commerce: E-commerce, e-marketing, e-communications, social networking, ergonomics, business games and SEO.


The contents of the German dual training consist in the fact that the buyer learns in E-Commerce, how the Onlineshops of an enterprise are provided and maintained.

He prepares web analyses, analyses the buying behaviour of customers and determines the interests of customers and which products are sold most frequently. He should become familiar with competition law, copyright law and data protection. He manages goods or services, selects payment systems for the goods sold online, and lays down offer rules. 

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