Native Advertising: How to reach your target group despite the summer hole

Native advertising has become obligatory for every company in the meantime. It is not only a further tool, next to the performance marketing, to push the company’s topics to the market, but it is an essential resource to bring the company’s content closer to the target group – even during the summer hole.

During the last years there was a lot of talk about native advertising – now ever person responsible for marketing should know how important this form of “advertising” is. Not only for oneself as a user, but also for the company’s communication. Many companies have valuable topics, which they do not distribute sensibly on the market. Most of the time this is due to the products and accomplishments being too complex to make them easy to understand. Yet, most of the time that is not necessary. There are many possibilities like scoring systems or social selling, which all include native advertising.

Tie on to the sales cycle with native ads

The topic becomes more and more obligatory for companies – it definitely is not new anymore, and the marketers should know the advantages as well as the procedure and apply them for their communication. The time of reaching one’s readers natively via the company’s blog are over. The readers are bought nowadays, which will attract interested people to the content which interests them.

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Even if you reach the deeper phases of the sales cycles, you should introduce native advertising. Does the potential customer face challenges and worries about certain processes or implementations? Perfect. Add these pain points to your content and show in your editorial work that you have the perfect solution for your customer.

You don’t have to avoid the summer hole

In many companies, there exists the belief that the usage of marketing during the summer hole (July to August) is not sensible. It is only a waste of money and nobody will see the ad. Yet, with native advertising, you can target the pain points of the potential customers and addresses them even on vacation. Also, you only pay per click – which means that the media budget is only spent if a user is really interested in the content. Therefore, with this marketing technique you reach everybody who is also willing to read something on their iPad – even at the beach. Now you only have to prepare the content so that it is the perfect beach read.

Place your content on fist-class magazines. Source: Taboola.

Use the coverage of the discovery platforms by Outbrain, plista, Taboola und Co. and reach your target group with native advertising at the right time. Native advertising, so the natural placing and formatting of digital advertising, will fetch more than 74 percent of all advertising profit by 2021, according to Forbes. The use of native ads is especially suitable for Business-IT, since often there are products which need further explanation. Therefore, you can address the pain points of the target group specifically. Yet, you need the know-how for the different topics as well as keeping the content up-to-date and well maintained, as native advertising requires a completely different approach.

You are “in good company”

You are worried that your content appears in unprofessional or sociocritical online magazines?


You get valuable clicks by valuable publishers! This is one of the reasons why top brands and smaller companies both use publisher networks like Outbrain, plista, Taboola & Co. and get high returns of their ad investments. We place your content on many of the globally most-visited websites, including NBC, Times, The Washington Post, EuroSport, Yahoo!, Bild and many more.

Use your content to reach your goals

The first step to manage in native advertising is the target determination. In that regard, you should divide between short- and long-term goals. Short-term goals are usually the generating media penetration, back links and co-citations. Or, like in qualified lead marketing (QLM) by Evernine, the campaign-focused and short-termed lead generation – a mixture of content and performance marketing which united both dimensions.

Use the content to reach your goals. Source: Taboola.

Of course, you also track the “classical” aims like increasing the attention to generate more traffic or the enhancement of the conversion and profits. Yet, here native advertising can be productive as well, as affine and interested customers are more likely to click and convert better. Therefore, you must prepare you content interestingly and pain point-related to trigger your readers.

Prepare your first campaign and use the following advantages:


  • Precise targeting – From context to location, platform, branch and demographical features, the systems of the publisher networks suggest your content to those users, which are most likely to be interested in your topics. You can always add new targeting levels to broaden your target group.
  • Extremely high media penetration – these platforms reach globally many billions of unique users by placement of content on thousands of the most-popular media outlets.
  • No obtrusive ads – the nice thing about it: the content is suggested to the potential readers natively in the online magazines, on which they linger –even if it is some yellow press magazine, because this is exactly where the target group in their private life. Especially at the beach

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